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  1. It's delicious! The prep wasn't bad at all, and I can get quite a few meals with it! Thank you again. ?
  2. I agree! Usually I don't buy anything prepped or cooked in grocery stores, but the label said does not contain MSG, Gluten and a few other things. Hopefully they change they way they label their stuff.
  3. That sounds delicious! I'm going to give it a try tomorrow. Thank you!
  4. Jmg, would you mind sharing your method/recipe for roasting your own chicken? It was one thing I loved before going gluten-free because it's so versatile and can save tons of time prepping meals every night!
  5. I react every time from their chicken! Here's my email correspondence with Costco. Note that it took me asking twice about CC after first being told the chicken is gluten-free. (The earlier messages are at the bottom.) Be careful buying anything prepared in the store!! ...
  6. Hi! i was diagnosed in January of 2017 by biopsy. My main symptoms were acid reflux/indigestion, bloating, and fluffy and loose bowel movements. Luckily, I was diagnosed early, and the amount of damage to my intestine is probably less than what's typical. After going gluten-free, I did...
  7. I had the kalua pork and cabbage bowl, and I didn't have any reaction.
  8. Hi, Cyclinglady gave you good advice. I was just diagnosed on January 9th, so little over a month ago. So I've just begun my journey and still have a lot to learn. I would however recommend getting the biopsy for the following reasons. it's my understanding that a lot of other complications...