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  1. I don't remember the number yet, But they told me it was low. I am going to go get a glucose meter now, and I will let you guys know. No I am not diagnosed with diabetes :/ Thank you so much for your help !!
  2. Looks like this is your first post... Did you sign up to help ? Thank you so much, so so much for your help !! I will be using that list and making sure I keep tyramine and oxalates in check as well. Oh my, I am so sorry Dayle.
  3. Thank you so much for all the help !! I have completely stopped gluten and I am hoping to start seeing improvements in a few weeks, as several of you explained, I should not be expecting to see results so quickly. I think histamine intolerance could definitely be one of the potential culprits...
  4. I already stopped eating gluten, actually, even meal that don't contain carbs still make me sick, as stated in the post. I have also been to the doctors many times and had many blood tests ran, as stated in the post. I also posted outside of the celiac section on purpose. I am also not looking...
  5. Hi, I have been having this problem for the past 9 months, now. I wake up feeling sick every single day and it stays that way for the entire day. I am constantly sick, but it gets worse whenever I try to eat. When I eat, roughly 5 minutes after I start ingesting food, those horrible symptoms...