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  1. Spoke too soon! Diarreah again this morning and generally feeling rubbish!!
  2. Hi all, So I got my biopsy results and basically they were inconclusive! The actual wording was 'cannot exclude celiac but cannot confirm diagnosis'. So i am still in limbo. Still having issues with my tongue although it has got better since I last posted. I stopped taking omeprazole...
  3. Thank you, I will be sure to update next week when I get some results back.
  4. The endoscopy was done transnally so I only had something sprayed up my nose? Do you think it could have got on my tongue that way?
  5. Thank you for your responses. I managed to get my blood test done today so I am hoping by middle of next week I will have some answers. The blood tests are for a full blood count, TSH (thyroid I think), B12 and folate and iron. I know it seems gross and sorry in advance but I have attached...
  6. Hi all, I am new to this forum and decided to join as it is becoming more and more likely that I have celiac and will probably need lots of advice as frankly it scares the hell out of me! So it all started in Dec last year. Up until that point I had NEVER had any digestive issues. At the...