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  1. Thanks very much ya I rang lidl they said they would let me no in a week haha ya aldi is a ten min walk so I'll give a walk up der soon stock up on some choclate till den☺☺
  2. Thanks for all the comments and information I think I'll try it u don't get a rely bad reaction to gluten if eat a small bit id I eat alot I die for days it's tuf enough every day checking lablebs and stuff
  3. Searched there googled it but no look but in the ingredients above I should be safe do you think only got diagnosed a month ago it's kind of heard to get used to but I wanna be on the safe side
  4. Its a chocolate bar ingredients : sugar , cocoa Mass,cocoa butter, 0.5% sea salt, emulsifer : sunflower lecithin ; vanilla extract Allergy advice may contain milk nuts and soya I would contact company but no number email etc would you think it be safe on the information above thanks...