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  1. Usually I eat sweets cupcakes and things like that ... even if I have a little bit I get really sick sweating stomach cramps so bad I feel like I'm pass out or possibly have a seizure and my husband says it's like I have a food stroke... because afterwards my sentences run together and it's like...
  2. I am having a really hard time I was told I'm gluten intolerant I am really trying to stay gluten free but I almost always cave and eat something I shouldn't my doctors are always fussing at me telling me I can't do that and that I get so sick I shouldn't want to ... any advice
  3. They did the blood test and it came back negative ... they said I am gluten intolerant along with lactose intolerant they are sending me to a nutritionist to learn to eat...
  4. Does anyone start sweating excessively after eating gluten, not only do I start sweating my whole body starts to ache... then my fingers and other parts of my body start swelling on top of the awful tummy pain.. nausea and bathroom trip..