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    Acid Reflux?!

    I was first diagnosed with Gerd/acid reflux and was put on Pantoprazole for about 3 months, but the meds never really helped. Eventually I was diagnosed (by blood test) with Celiacs. After my endoscope I was on a gluten free diet for about a week and my GI dr told me I can completely stop the acid reflux meds. Had no problems, minus just the normal recovery, but any acid reflux was very minor and improved with time. I will occasionally take a couple tums and that will help now. I know exactly what you mean about feeling happy to find the acid reflux is related to celiacs. I wasn't getting better with the acid reflux diet (where I ate a lot of bread) and the meds. I was so happy to find out I can have coffee and the occasional pop AND start to feel better!!! Hope this helps!