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  1. Hey so im new! I had bloods earlier this week because of a few symptoms I was experiencing, I asked to be tested for milk, casein and gluten intolerances. I was hoping these would give me the answer to my acne breakouts, digestive issues and all of the other symptoms (I've had it all for a few years now) Everything came back fine, but the bloods came back positive for Coeliac! I have to wait 1-6 months for my endoscopy (public health system is shot) so I was hoping you fellow coeliacs can help me with my blood result numbers. I have no clue and it wasn't explained to me. "Tissue transglutaminase IgA Abs H 19 U/ml ( <7 ) " "Gliadin (deamidated) IgG Abs H 21 U/ml ( <7 ) " Also, can coeliac be a cause for acne/hormonal acne? Thankyou !