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  1. Hello again! I called the gastro's office today and the receptionist told me that they mailed my results today, but she...
  2. This is all really interesting. Thank you everyone for your input and responses! I found a relative study to Lupus and...
  3. Has anyone else had nausea and stomach pain after biopsy?
  4. I have not had the genetic test done. I don't know if they would run that on me because I have insurance through the...
  5. I have mild Lupus and am trying to stay off meds as long as possible. The only thing I take now is a multi vitamin and...
  6. I was wondering about that. The new test didn't specify deamidated Gliadin peptides but I'm assuming it is. How do I...
  7. I've definitely cut back but I probably have something with gluten in it just about everyday.
  8. Also, I only mentioned Sjogrens and Lupus to point out that I have two autoimmunes now, and Was told you could test weak...
  9. Hello! This is my first post. My big question is about Gliadin IgG. I was tested in 2004 and had a high positive...