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  1. Thank you all for the awesome info and insight! I should have added that I am in Canada and currently the wait time for an endoscopy is 3-6 months. So that is why the thought of going back to gluten at that stage is like a nightmare to even think about! My doctor is not terribly knowledgable about celiac and I would guess that's why she did not order all of the tests that she should have (we have a major doctor shortage in my city and I'm lucky to even have a family doctor). She IS referring me to a Gastro guy but that will likely take months also. I have a son with a peanut allergy and so I have not found the process of clearing out my cupboards and whatnot terribly overwhelming and don't really eat out much so I think will be pretty comfortable with avoiding traces if need be. I guess my next step should be requesting she order all of the tests you all have mentioned!
  2. Hi, Total newbie here so please excuse my lack of knowledge on the subject. I have been anemic and suffered from debilitating, chronic migraines for 16 years among many other symptoms. My doctor just did bloodwork to check for celiac and the ttg came back at 54.4 (my lab papers say normal is <12). She now wants to send me for a biopsy and when I asked if that was really necessary, she said 'welllllll, I'd hate to miss a cancer'. So, my question is - do I really need to do it? I went gluten free immediately after getting results and feel SO much better in only a week. The thought of going back on gluten and facing those migraines again feels very defeating. Thank you very any insight or advice you can provide.