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  1. The new Central Vermont Celiac Support Group has been organized and will begin meetings in Berlin (Montpelier) Vermont at the Central Vermont Medical Center (CVH) on the 3rd Tuesday of each month, 7PM, Conference Room #3, beginning in September. This is a free and informal support group. Please feel free to bring recipes, articles, or any other information you would like to share. We look forward to seeing you there. If you need any further information or directions to the hospital please contact Shari Gaylord at satgaylord@gmavt.net
  2. [fo t=Times New Roman] I just had the biopsy two days ago, and won't get the results until next week, but I am told I should go back to the gluten-free diet. Your comments about the gluten-free diet putting back on the pounds scares me. I have followed WW since 1975 off and on, and have lost a ton of weight; still the past couple of months I have not been following the program religiously because I wasn't sure about what I should and should not be eating. Funny that you say you are putting on the weight. I have been looking forward to LOSING the weight since I would be cutting out the carbos and related starches. I need to know what I can and can't eat to follow the CORE program; or should I follow the FLEX program??? I am not sure, but I would like to know how other Weight Watchers members with celiac disease are dealing with it in regards to their diets.
  3. Hi there! It's a balmy 45F in Vermont...Where the ....is winter??? Anyway, has anyone had GI troubles with Crystal Light powdered mixes? Shari Waitsfield Vermont
  4. Is lactose intolerance ALWAYS a part of celiac disease? What about cheese? One source tells me only 'aged" (i.e., brick) cheeses like cheddar,etc. Another source tells me most cheese are ok. What about cottage cheese? Is there a specific dairy product that sets off L.I. or is it all dairy products? Milk doesn't seem to bother me, but I eat a lot of different kinds of cheeses...sometimes I have problems, others no. I'm at a loss...
  5. Last night was a first for me...I went to bed at 10:30, very very tired, but once I was prone, I was awake until 2:45 am. Has anyone experienced this, and do they know the cause? What is the story with chocolate? I heard from two sources that plain, dark chocolate was ok. Is that right? Does it have to be a specific kind of plain chocolate, like all organic or something? Shari Vermont
  6. Thanks for the feedback. It's good to hear that I am not alone in this. I am peeing less at night now, and infrequently during the day, but yes, I have noticed that I am thirstier than before. I usually have one decaf with cream in the am and then lots of cold drinks the rest of the day. Found that drinking anything after 7PM is a bad idea. I HAD heard that herbal teas were bad, and just learned in a different post here this morning that annatto is also not a good thing. Any other additives I should know about? Shari Vermont
  7. Hi there. I was diagnosed nearly two weeks ago...just finding my feet with this whole thing. Any other Vermonters out there who are experiencing the gluten-free change in their lives? Still no real winter here...pray for snow! Shari Waitsfield
  8. Does anyone have this problem? I don't know if my body is getting rid of toxins or what. Seems like I am up every hour or so until about 3AM. Then I sleep right up to 5! Shari Vermont
  9. I kind of don't really miss the bread and pasta, but the thought of no more wings or graham crackers really gets to me. Dropping weight, finally, but I am concerned about getting enough fiber and nutrition without the whole grains. Any suggestions>?? SG Vermont
  10. I have followed a gluten-free-diet for about 10 days now, since I had a blood test that showed high glycogen content. Have an appt with a GI dr. in a few weeks. I am totally new to this, and am wondering, other than the obvious items shown on an ingredient list, what are considered "hidden" gluten foods? Any helpers? Any Vermonters?
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