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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/24/2018

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  1. Thanks to both of you. Ok, so I was feeling not great and went grain free for 5 weeks. Then slowly started to introduce grains. All seemed ok, then I had an issue after 3 weeks, with blood in my stool. Celiac wasn't on my radar. In fact, rice and oats are what seem to bother me most. But the Dr added on the celiac test and it was indeterminate. So I was sent for endoscopy and colonoscopy. I consumed gluten for just over two weeks, then went back to my grain free, dairy free diet. I saw my Dr this am and she said my bowels were healthy, that the Dr had taken 'several' samples and that all is well on both ends. (No celiac, but also not H Pylori, crohn's, etc). She is running all kinds of other bloodwork, because I am still feeling terrible, and obviously the assumption I had made was that it was celiac. I'm going to stay off gluten for now, in hopes that I'll start to feel better. My GI symptoms are worse this week than they have been in ages...so something is up, but apparently I'm healthy??! I am pretty sure my Dr. would not refer me to another GI. She's not the best, but it's very hard to find another Dr. here, especially if you already have a Dr. (Canada) I am going to ask her for a copy of the report though, as well as the rest of the bloodwork she's sending me for.
  2. I've posted a few different topics, so I thought I would just update in one post. I am seeing my GP later today, but apparently my biopsy results were negative. I have no further information on this. What I do know, is that I have been feeling much worse since giving up gluten after my gluten challenge. Half the days I have barely left the couch. I am so confused and upset. They had warned me this may not give me answers...I'm barely eating anything, I feel so sick. I feel like I felt better eating bread, so maybe that's how I'm supposed to be eating? At this point I just need to eat more than a banana, which is all I can stomach today.
  3. Interesting- thank you for sharing. I saw my ND yesterday and she also suggested that after having been completely cleaned out for my procedures, my body could be trying to adjust. She is having me take a rest from the strong probiotics I was taking, and I'm focusing on eating foods that are more gentle (I tend to eat a lot of raw, very fibrous foods).
  4. Thanks for your reply. I'm currently grain free, although I ended up making kitchary because I needed something of substance in my stomach. Seems to have helped. Some other symptoms coming on strong, so just hoping I have some answers soon, to make sure I'm at least on the right path!
  5. Thanks for the reply. That's good to know.
  6. Would like to add to this- while eating gluten I would get a random hive here or there. Since giving up gluten a few days ago, I've had a hive pop up yesterday and today. I'm at such a loss as to why I'm feeling worse. Is this some sort of detox? Is this something experienced by others?
  7. Wow! 4 weeks, is that normal? I'm pretty sure the Dr. told me one to two weeks. I was just saying to my husband, however, that I remember very little about what they said, I was still so loopy. I wish they had of had him come in the room.
  8. As of Saturday I have given up gluten again. I had undergone a gluten challenge for my endoscopy. I didn't feel that bad while doing it, I easily could have continued. I did have increasingly bad indigestion and chest pain, but my digestive symptoms were not too bad. Now is another story, however. My stomach is upset, my heart palpitations and indigestion have remained, and I'm feeling shaky. My digestion has also gotten worse. Is this typical??I'm so confused. I feel like I felt better last week while eating gluten. I should also add that they were checking for other issues and my blood work was indeterminate.
  9. Thanks. I'll post an update once I know what's going on.
  10. Thanks for your reply. My blood results were indeterminate (24, positive is 25).I had been gluten free for 5 weeks, followed by a slow re-introduction for 3 weeks. Bloodworks wasn't planned. I've been eating gluten for 2 weeks in preparation for this. Hopefully I'll hea in a week or so.
  11. So I went for my endoscopy and colonoscopy today. I was very nervous and didn't ask many questions. I was put under and still quite groggy when I left. I noticed my sheet at home, it said things look normal, that a biopsy was taken (this in the colonoscopy section). Would they normally mark down if they took more than one? The section on the sheet for the endoscopy wasn't even filled out, so my husband called and they said that yes they it looked normal and a biopsy was taken. I am a little worried- would they only take one? Things I've read on here say they take several. Celiac was just one of a few things they were checking me for today, but I'm just hoping they approached this the right way. Would hate to go back, haha
  12. Thanks. I wasn't even suspecting celiac, but spent 5 weeks grain free as my naturopath was helping me with some issues. After 3 weeks of slowly adding grains back in I had an incident, with blood, etc. The clinic added the celiac test on, since I've been dealing with digestive issues for some time. I was 1 off from a positive (TTG IA was 24), my results were inderterminate. However, I hadn't been eating gluten consistently at all over the 8 weeks prior (including 5 weeks with none)....so that may have had an impact. I've been back on gluten for 2 weeks for this biopsy, and I don't feel as awful as I expected, so who knows what's going on!!
  13. Thanks very much. For some reason I thought I would have some sort of answers! Any clue how long it usually takes to get results?
  14. Thanks for this info. I'm going for my endoscopy Friday, and if it's positive, I'm going to be having all three of my kids tested, but especially my 10 year old- he's already having some thyroid issues, among other things. We are in Ottawa as well.