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  1. The pharmacist was able to contact both manufacturers and determine both medicines are gluten free.
  2. I just returned from the doctor and pharmacy and I am so frustrated. My doctor wrote 2 prescriptions. When I went to pick them up from the pharmacy, I discovered they both list sodium starch glycolate in the inactive ingredient list. The...
  3. A lot of the olive oil sold in the United States is diluted with less expensive oils or other ingredients. It may not actually be a reaction to olive oil, but to one of the other questionable ingredients. 60 Minutes did a story on...
  4. jfhinoh

    Starting AIP

    I did AIP a year ago for almost 4 months (starting reintroductions after 4 weeks). It was overwhelming at first. I spent a lot of time reading websites and blogs about AIP for knowledge and support. I had to really plan ahead because it...
  5. Yesterday I purchased a different brand of gluten free pizza. A few hours later, I felt like I do when I’ve eaten gluten. Several of the ingredients are things I don’t usually eat. Any suggestions of which ingredient might act similar to ...
  6. So I saw my doctor this week and asked about re-testing. He was still skeptical about diet making any difference in the results but agreed that if I decided to reintroduce gluten into my diet and wanted to re-test he would order it. In...
  7. 11 months ago I was in constant pain and tired all the time. I also had persistent eczema and 1-2 monthly migraines. I was worried that I had some sort of autoimmune disorder. I ended up experimenting with the AIP diet for several months...