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  1. Some companies seal their tea bags with wheat paste. Celestial Seasonings has a gluten free disclaimer on their boxes- some of them say 'may contain gluten', but most of them say...
  2. While I was in college I was living in the dorms, and just cooked all my food. There were meals available but I didn't feel like interrogating the cook, and besides, I preferred...
  3. Even if whoever you're dating is not celiac, you may find out later on that they are. I discovered my boyfriend had celiac a few months after meeting him (2002). We had a pretty...
  4. I was informed by a friend of mine that high fructose corn syrup is frightening in many ways. One of them is that it turns off the body's ability to know when it's full, another...
  5. During my first couple years on the gluten-free diet, if I ate something contaminated I would know within 20 minutes. I would get severe stomach aches and bloating, and the other...
  6. The company making the chocolate boost may have changed ingredients. Do they have a useful faq?
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