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  1. Hi! I've been lurking for awhile but decided today to jump in and explain our situation as we are desperately looking for answers. My son is 2 and has always been small. He only weighs 26 lbs at 28 months. He has had stomach problems for as long a son I can remember. When he was theee months old he was diagnosed with reflux and I went dairy free to help with that. He really never took to eating and ate mostly breast milk until he was about 19 months old. When he was 23 months, he was waking up and screaming about stomach pain and doctors said he had an immense amount of gas in his stomach and said to try a dairy free diet. Going dairy free REALLY helped with the behavioral issues and he stopped having reflux constantly. Recently however, he has so much gas, is constantly burping. Has huge and VERY LOOSE stools (clumpy like not properly digested), has bouts of vomiting with no other symptoms, is lethargic, chronic abdominal pain and bouts of decreased appetite. My doctor doesn't take me seriously and always has an answer for the throwing up but I feel like this has been going on forever and it must be more. His belly has ALWAYS been distended and I never thought anything of it until being on this thread. I have no idea if it could be celiac? We are just desperate to figure out what to do and feel like no one is taking us seriously...