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  1. Ok you veterans with years of experience being gluten-free. How important is cross-contamination? I have the disease that is mild if that is possible. I have been trying hard to...
  2. Maybe Heather you should look at gluten in a more positve way. You keep saying "poison". Look at products that contain gluten as junk food not poison. You keep this poison thinking...
  3. Well from a search I should have done BEFORE I posted this would have told me this has been going on for awhile. I wouldn't have ate the fries but now I know. You might as well...
  4. This sucks, I just ate some today. I was told they are gluten free. I usually dont eat fast food at all but I always loved McDonalds fries. McDonalds James
  5. Well I have been diagnosed with this disease as well roughly two years ago. For about six months I was on the strict diet. During that six months I did feel better but I'am not...
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