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  1. Isabel Z

    Can anyone relate and help?

    Thanks so much for the tips! I told my mom them and she thought they were pretty clever. And I never realized how lucky I was to have medical help. I’ll be much more careful with personal information. I was going to delete the post in case it had too much info but i can’t unless you delete your reply. It’s ok though. Thank you!
  2. I have two suggestions. First try switching to mostly natural gluten free foods. It makes the diet much easier. Second, i know you said you know the consequences, but really think deeply. in some ways, gluten is poison to your intestines. it literally eats away at it! so next time you think about eating gluten, think what you are really putting your body.
  3. I’m a teen with celiacs. It’s so hard for me for many reasons. 1. at social events it is so awful to not be able to eat anything except snacks from home. 2. I am still very short and it’s embarrassing! 3. i have to go to the doctor every 3 months for lots of blood work. Is every celiac’s life like this or just mine? Can anyone help me cope with celiacs?
  4. Isabel Z

    How to cope

    Hey I’m around the same age! I get it and feel the same way. I was diagnosed only over a year ago and my celiacs very hard to deal with at social events. But what ever you do, don’t cheat the diet! The consequences will come back. I’m here to chat if anyone needs support
  5. I personally stay away from “may contain gluten” products. However, too many products say “processed in a facility with gluten” where if i cut them out, i am basically malnurished. Also, they clean the equipment so it shouldn’t matter.
  6. Hey guys! I’m new to the forum. I am in middle school with Celiac Disease and all my friends who claim they do the diet cheat a lot. I just wanna have a conversation with true celiacs who understand!