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  1. I’ve had dissociation issues since I was little, it can’t be trauma related nor drug related since I had a great childhood and never done drugs nor drunk alcohol in my life. I remember someone said that dissociation could have something to do with the stomach. I have something called derelization and...
  2. Haven’t found a place ? gluten free near me. Only gluten free Options never completely. Wish I lived near that... Ha maybe I should move to England
  3. My great great grandmother had cealic diease, she also had three children and they had a bunch of kids and then my mom had me none of them have cealic but I do. my GI was surprised when I told him my great great grandma had it. I wish it skipped me also. Cealic diease can skip multiple...
  4. Hi everyone my name is chole, I’ve been diganosed for 3 years now. Anyway Recently went to a place which has gluten free sandwiches and pizza, I ordered a sandwich only to realize that it had been crossed contaminated it had some knid of strange sauce substance on it and particles from other f...