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  1. Ljoin92

    Does this look like DH?

    The rosacea is kind of what lead me this direction. Ive been a google fiend since dealing with this, & with celiac...
  2. Ljoin92

    Does this look like DH?

    It’s popped up on both elbows, both shoulders, both feet & has now popped up on one hip (to be honest, I got bad a...
  3. Ljoin92

    Does this look like DH?

    https://www.dropbox.com/sh/j0cjiyxu26tc1bm/AABIH1Q--EFh-iNzGjVvZek4a?dl=0 hopefully that one works
  4. Hello- I have read several posts asking this, and searched through google images, but I was hoping for live-person...