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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/24/2018

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  1. Does this look like DH?

    The rosacea is kind of what lead me this direction. Ive been a google fiend since dealing with this, & with celiac having so many possible symptoms I of course found some of my symptoms in the list. My drs are mostly at the stage where they’re trying to figure out what it’s not. That’s where the deet comes in that I’ve een wearing for a week with new bumps still coming up daily.
  2. Does this look like DH?

    It’s popped up on both elbows, both shoulders, both feet & has now popped up on one hip (to be honest, I got bad at taking photos since there’s so many places). The spots are hot to the touch at first, they itch & sting then after about a day they start feeling more bruise like. They look almost like a wart at first then start to scab over (with & without scratching) & leave scars (dark red)
  3. Does this look like DH?

    https://www.dropbox.com/sh/j0cjiyxu26tc1bm/AABIH1Q--EFh-iNzGjVvZek4a?dl=0 hopefully that one works
  4. Hello- I have read several posts asking this, and searched through google images, but I was hoping for live-person input. I originally was hospitalized with what they thought was cellulitis. Sent home with antibiotics twice (it kept popping up in different locations) before being admitted twice. Skin biopsy during hospital stay showed either arthropod bite or drug reaction (house has been . That was the beginning of March. I have since seen an allergist, dermatologist & have an upcoming rheumatology appt (probably a waste of time - ANA & antidsDNA negative). I have been diagnosed with rosacea, I have stopped my birth control (in case it was drug reaction - a month later still no improvement). My dermatologist has me wearing deet everyday, which I’m about to discontinue since it’s also not working & im sick of the smell. Anyways, the original biopsy was from the lesion, I’m thinking of having derm do DH biopsy when I follow up & asking rheumatology when I see them next week to send me for a celiac panel. Just want to know if you guys think it’s worth my time. Here are the photos: http://s181.photobucket.com/user/lauren_babyy/library/