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  1. Thank you so much for your very well thought out answer. You're right, I'm just going wait 12 weeks because although I feel like crap, it is not horrible like I know it is for some people. How anemic were you? I ask because I have had low iron on and off 12 ferritin (22+ normal) 37 iron (normal 50 and above), and 10 transferrin saturation (14 is normal) have been my lowest. I know this is not crazy low and what happens is I do respond to iron pills. After a year of taking iron my levels became normal again, so the dr. advised me to stop taking the pills and within 6 months my levels dropped below normal again. I had to start taking iron again and now my levels are back to normal. The doctor said she would do an endoscopy if I didn't respond to the iron and clearly I have. But the thing is I know if I quit taking the iron again my levels will just drop. This has been going on for two years lol and Kaiser doesn't really think it's abnormal. I guess my question is would someone with celiac even respond to iron pills, or would it just stay low? Thanks so much! I've been kind of a lurker on here for awhile and have noticed you are always so helpful!!
  2. Also not that it matters, but have had low iron on and off last 2 years. Just another reason why I’m testing.
  3. Hi guys. I know this has been asked a lot and there is probably no true answer, but wanted your opinions anyway. My sister has celiacs and I have the DQ8 gene. I was having a lot of stomach issues earlier in the year and then went on a keto diet (pretty much no gluten) for a couple weeks and felt amazing. I then decided to get tested for celiacs. I ate gluten only one week and tested negative. My doctor did order me another blood test and it has been 9 weeks on gluten now. Should I wait the whole 12 weeks? At this point would cutting out gluten for only 2 weeks, followed by 9 weeks of heavy (believe me all kinds of stuff) gluten be a safe bet of not producing a false negative? Seven years back I had tested positive on Enterolab, but I got a blood test & endoscopy and it showed negative. Also for you kaiser people have you had any luck getting a referral for endoscopy without positive blood tests? Would they order more than the IGG and IGA? I didn't even ask because from what I've read I've seen they typically don't. Thanks so much!!