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  1. So, for me, semi bed bound pain and fatigue for 3-6 days are the usual result of accidental exposure to gluten. I've been gluten free for a long time, but my sensitivity recently changed, and I still sometimes accidentally ingest something that reads "processed on equipment that also processes wheat" ☠️ What confuses me is when I get another reaction. The chills and general aches, and generally feel bad, like the flu.. for two days only. these symptoms also CAN also be from gluten.. but the two sets of symptoms only occasionally occur together. So far from my food journal I know that exercising too intensely seems to brings on the flu-ey feelings. (Too much inflammation in my poor system?) I really hope I can heal and be able to be a beast at the gym again but that's beside the point. But I didn't exercise this week and I got flu-ey again. I DID go to the hair salon (first time in forever), didnt take any precautions about gluten in products / air (although I do at home) but if trace gluten usually causes me fatigue and joint/all over pain.. why would it sometimes cause flu like symptoms and sometimes cause fatigue and debilitating pain? Okay, I'll state my huge fear here, is that I have Lyme's disease. It's a long shot, maybe, but I'm freaked out about it. Anybody have a similar experience? I'm food journalling with dedication but I appreciate any ideas to speed up my "aha!" Moment!!! 😋 Thanks everyone!! PS this forum had been a lifeline for me for years but I'm finally making my first post! 😎