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  1. This is the response I received from Perdue. Thank you for your interest in learning more about PERDUE® turkeys. Ourfresh, all natural turkeys are gluten free. We are continually introducing new products to the marketplace, andtherefore routinely update our list of gluten free items. We areforwarding ...
  2. I had/have RLS too. However, it was a secondary condition to my sleep apnea. When I started using my breathing machine (CPAP) at night, it stopped. But it is very aggravating!
  3. I have RLS, but I do not take any meds for it. It is a result of my sleep apnea. If I do not use my CPAP machine every night, my legs don't stop. When I use my machine, I have no problems. I take enough medicine with my other medical problems, so if I can avoid another one, I do. Sehlli