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  1. Just wanted to say thanks. The ice cream is great!
  2. So, should we worry about our Vinegars that are suppose to be gluten-free thru the distillation process ???
  3. We hear that the distillation process removes gluten from some bourbons. Since they are derived from wheat, rye, and malt barely grains, do we really know if it's safe. I would...
  4. Thanks for the information. I've bought the Gluten Guard Software and it said "Caution" on Criso. Just wanted to check. Thank you
  5. My fiance is baking a special gluten-free wedding cake for me Yeah ! However, we are stumped. Crisco shortening has Digliceydes (not sure about spelling) Is this safe?? Thanks
  6. I appreciate the information. I have eaten at several Wendy's and have not had any complications as of yet. I have not ventured to McDonalds yet, but I suppose I will give it...
  7. Well, my big day has finally arrived. My fiance and I will be traveling from Tulsa, OK to Colorado. We have lots of gluten-free food packed for the road trip. I need some help...
  8. I have been referred to the Celiac Center in Minnesota to be examined by a Dr. Joseph Murray. Has anyone been to a Celiac Specialist, and if so, do you reccomend the trip. I live...
  9. Just needing a little pick me up every once in awhile, and I'm trying to figure out if Red Bull might be the answer. Has anyone tried Red Bull to battle the tiredness? And more...
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