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  1. Thanks for all your replies, this really gives me better insight into what I am going through. I have been trying to limit my fats, butter etc. Eating lots of fresh salads and fruits. Hopefully all this will give me some help. I also realize that I need to loose some weight, which also adds to the cholesterol. Thanks again.
  2. Hi Everybody, I have not been here in a while. I was wondering if anyone has had a problem with there cholesterol rising since they were diagnosed with Celiac and starting eating different foods. I am wondering if some of the foods, such as bread as an example, are using more fats than we would get from the normal fair, were we still allowed to eat processed breads and pasta's. Any help would be great. Thanks Terrilyn
  3. Does anyone have a problem with processed parmesan cheese. My sister added some to my bread crumbs to try and give them a little flavor and I broke out in my rash. I didn't get too sick, no gas but, my bowels did change. I went a little more often than I would have liked. The only thing that is on the label that we can't figure out is "cellulose".
  4. Hi Haven't been here in a while. Did anyone have problems with UTI when they were diagnosed with Celiac? I was dx'd in April 2006 and started in June with UTI's. All the high dose antibotics didn't work. I have gone to a urologist and he is trying a low dose over a longer period (2 months). Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Sorry to hear that you are not feeling well. I myself have only been diagnoised since March and I know it takes a while for the bloating and gas to go away. Even though I eat gluten free I still get gas. Somestimes I think it is the veggies, which I think is normal gas,so I just cut back. I'm from the east so I don't know what your drink is but, I did read that ROOT BEER is a no no. That was the only pop that was on the do not eat list. Hope this helps. Good Luck.
  6. Hi Everybody, Hope you all are doing good. I have had some good days. Past week have been plagued with gas, can't figure out what I ate. Problem with me when this happens no matter what I eat after the initial episode then everything gives me gas. Has anyone tried that kt for testing your blood. If so, can you tell me how it works and if it is work while getting. Hope everybody has a good weekend, don't eat too much barbeque. Ha Ha
  7. I just ate at PF Changs, I hope that you knew that they have a gluten free menu. It has about 10 items on it, the food was quite. good
  8. Welcome Dionnek. This is just about the best site you can find for information. Everybody is really really helpful. I myself have just been dx'd (March 2006) so I know that feeling of being overwhelmed. I still find myself at times mind boggled by what I read and what I have to do to stay well. Keep on keeping on.
  9. The fact that they found polyps with your last colonoscopy should be reason enough for them to do another one even though your 5 years is not yet up. I would surely question the dr about doing the test now.
  10. I also saw preview and was wondering how they are going to tie celiac disease to this womans problems. Although with all the reading I've done I know some people do get seizures. I do hope this show is good. I for one will be Tivo'g it so I can watch again.
  11. Thanks, I am having a hard time with in between meals. I always seem to be hungry, try to stay away from cookies and cakes and usually only have bread a breakfast. Will try in incorporate more vegetable. I do eat an apple and banana a day. Will also try more fruit. My only problem is that I tend to have to peal my fruit. Everytime I eat the skin I get sick. O well. I will definitly try harder. Thanks again.
  12. What digestive emzynes do you suggest. I was taking phayzme for awhile to help.
  13. Does anyone have a problem with heartburn. Just when I start to feel bettter, boom I get heartburn. Any good remedies. Maybe I'm eating something. I know if I eat peanut butter sometimes it gives me heartburn. Sounds crazy to me. Also, when you started this diet did anyone have a problem with there cholesterol going up. How do you keep the fat content down. Most of these foods have a lot of carbs and fat. What to do.
  14. Hi Laurel Welcome from another newbie. I found out from one of my new friends on the website about the toast it toaster bags. I went online and found a place called kitchengadgets that sold them. The come 2 to a package $4.99 and can be reused up to 10 times. I will use them for work and when I go to relatives and stay over. I have just went out and bought myself a toaster and a small teflon fry pan. I am trying to really keep my things separate from my sister and bro-in-laws. I am right now working on 2 days of feeling good, want it to last. Most of my tips have come fromt his site so be sure to keep in touch. Good Luck Thanks Cindy, when I learned I had this disease and did some reading I found out about medications, whcih I take a few prescribed and OTC. I spent a lot of time on the computer e-mailing and calling. Boy I didn't realize when first diagnosed that this disease was going to be so involved. I certainly had a rude awakening. But, I am settling in only have a smal area of my brain that still keeps telling me I am going to wake in the morning and just like "Dallas" it was only a dream. Right. Thanks again for all your help and advise Terrilyn
  15. Thank you very much for your input and advice. I am sure I am jumping the gun as I am very anxious to feel better all the time. I am just afraid that maybe there is something else going on besides the celiac. I will certainly take one day at a time and talk to my doctor about adding more vitamins. I have found a multi-vitamin that is gluten free and calcium pills that are also gluten free. One of my other problems is that I have breast cancer, mastectomy of right breast in 2004 so I need all the nutrients I can get. Thanks again.
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