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  1. What is the difference between American flour and wheat flour from Finland? When we lived in Scandinavia my wife could eat bread with wheat flour. We moved to Texas six years ago and my wife became severely intolerant to wheat. She can't have the smallest crumb without a reaction. She gets bumps and severe abdominal pain. Anyway, we decided to have some wheat flour shipped from Finland. My wife has baked bread and cakes with the flour from Finland now, and has not had a reaction as yet! Yes, she is still careful. She is afraid to overdo it and suffer, but so far she has been doing OK. She has also met others that have been able to tolerate European flour, but not American. My wife has also tried other European flour, but still experienced problems, so there seems to be something different about the Finnish flour. It contains gluten, but I believe that the gluten content may be slightly lower, while the flour is top quality and makes awesome bread and cakes. Also food grown in Finland are some of the most wholesome you can find anywhere. I am interested in finding out if anyone else have a similar experience. My wife is continuing to bake with Finnish wheat flour and seem to be able tolerate it.