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  1. It's so crazy. Before I got celiac I thought it was just an allergy to gluten. I had no idea how intense of a disease it is. I really hope you get answers soon and start to heal. Thank you for sharing with me.
  2. They checked my anti inflammatory antibodies once and said they were fine. I don't know if that constitutes a whole work up, but I do have a herniated disc, degenerative disc disease, and arthritis in my neck and I'm only in my late 30's. I hope you get answers soon too
  3. This is all amazing, thank you!!!!! They have tested my levels of a lot and I was low on D and iron. My B was good, but my doc wanted me to take 1000mcg anyway to help with nerve issues. And a bone scan showed osteopenia. Maybe now that I've been on the diet so long, I should get tested again...
  4. Ok, thanks. I was telling someone else I wasn't sure about the ataxia because of the descriptions, but maybe I need to look further into how that can present itself. I will definitely work on the food diary. I've recently started studying Ayurveda to help me through some of this, and that was...
  5. I had read about ataxia, but I don't have uncoordinated movements usually... although there were a couple of instances a few months ago where I kind of felt weird walking --like I didn't know what I was doing, but then it went away. Just the tingling and numbness, so I didn't know if that would be...
  6. Hi all. I'm new here even though I've poured through the forums for the last year (since being diagnosed with celiac) looking for helpful hints, similar stories, etc. It's been invaluable, and I thank you all for that. I've finally decided to join and post because my situation seems to be outside...