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  1. First, I would recommend a different doctor. When I was diagnosed 11 years ago, it was much harder to get good information...
  2. Sweetea888

    2 Months In And Frustrated!

    Being a celiac is hard no matter what your age. I really wish I had gone gluten free in college; that was when I first...
  3. I had similar problems. However, I was lucky enough to have a doctor who was non-traditional and who thought that antibiotics...
  4. Sweetea888

    Bone & Joint Pains

    I take medicine called Skelaxin. I have also taken Parafon Forte in the past but it didn't work as well. Heat works...
  5. Yes. My blood work was either negative or non-conclusive. (It was almost seven years ago so I don't remember.) The gastroenterologist...
  6. Sweetea888

    Need Advice

    I was diagnosed with celiac disease at the end of May in 2006. When I had been gluten free for about two years (about...
  7. It is possible that you actually do have celiac disease. Six years ago, my doctor (internal medicine) was SURE I had...
  8. Sweetea888

    Just So Down, Suggestions Or Advice?

    I really feel for you. I can remember standing in the grocery store choking back tears a few weeks after I was told...
  9. Sweetea888

    More Thanksgiving Blues

    I have had days like this; I couldn't have any wedding cake at my daughter's wedding and, at my niece's wedding, and...
  10. Sweetea888

    This Is Insanity!

    All the Aussie products are gluten free, and they are pretty much available everywhere.
  11. When I was first diagnosed four years ago, it was clear that I'd been glutened...Within 15 to 30 minutes, I'd have to...
  12. Gluten is hidden in many, many products that you would not ordinarily think contain it. Check vitamins, medicines, salad...
  13. This is my fifth Thanksgiving since I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. They have gotten progressively better. I now...