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  1. So Vitamine B12 has been checked and this is OK so I have to look somewhere else...
  2. I don't know if in the blood tests I made they also checked for thyroid antibodies, but if this will not improve this is something I'll ask my doctor to check. Thanks!
  3. I made two electromylogram (EMG) who didn't show anything strange. what you mean by PT and OT?
  4. Thanks Ravenwodglass. How could I see if I have nerve damages to my fingers?
  5. Little update for you: since my last message I had a gastroscopy which confirmed my status of celiac and started to eat gluten free for now one month and half. I immediately saw a difference when going to the toilet, but concerning my fingers issue it's not gone yet. I also got a brain and spine...
  6. Hello everybody, For few months now when I try to write on the computer I can no longer at least with my right hand have my usual typing speed my right hand is like rusty and my fingers twisting the strange movements to reach the keys on the keyboard so I do a lot more difficulties to write...