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  1. Hello everybody, For few months now when I try to write on the computer I can no longer at least with my right hand have my usual typing speed my right hand is like rusty and my fingers twisting the strange movements to reach the keys on the keyboard so I do a lot more difficulties to write to the computer and many more typos by double or triple time. As for all the other actions of everyday life everyday life take place normally without any obstacle The only problem I encounter is when I type or I try to type, thing that I do often for work. At the beginning I thought about a problem of carpal tunnel or nerves tired from too much writing in fact the thing was manifested after a period in which I spent many hours of the day writing for many days. even after a week of rest, without having touched the computer, the problem has not been solved and after a few months it is still present a few months ago I was diagnosed probably celiac due to the positive results to antibodies from the blood tests but I have not yet done the biopsy that should confirm the disease and for this I have not yet completely eliminated the gluten from my diet because I was told that otherwise the biopsy would be invalidated. I have already taken an exam (EMG) from which nothing was found of abnormal neither the arms nor legs soon I will do further tests by both a neurologist and a rheumatologist in addition to the biopsy that I will have to perform. From your direct or indirect experience could these my symptoms be linked to celiac disease? Even writing this message I prefer now to do it with voice commands rather than straining my right hand. And I'm a 30 yo with very high skills in computer science and I used to type very very fast (my left hand still do) Sorry for my mistakes in english (it's not my mother tongue) Hope to read from you soon