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  1. Ok I saw this thread and felt compelled to post a reply. YES you can be overweight and be a celiac. I was Diagnosed months ago and i have been overweight all my life and i mean overweight. When my doctor told me i had celiac i went home and did research and thought ...This cant be me! I've never had trouble gaining weight! In fact i convinced myself it was a miss diagnosis until i went back to the Dr. and questioned him about being overweight and that i did not fit the typical celiac symptom of weight loss or had trouble gaining weight... he told me that it didn't matter ...that they found out that i was a celiac by accident they thought i had IBS till they took a biopsy of my intestines and did blood work to discover i was a celiac. His final word was : We found out you were a celiac before it got to its advanced stages...had i gone on eating like i always did i would have eventually suffered from severe weight loss. Some people are just in different stages...thankfully they caught mine early.
  2. jacklyn1981

    Glutened By Wendys Again!

    wendy's has been my saviour since i have had celiac....i have no prob with the chili or baked potatoes
  3. Since everyone has been so nice and helpful responding to my thread i want to say thank you. I am much more educated now and will definitly take it seriously...i see now that it is not "overkill". I have never met so many people who are eager to help strangers along. Today is day 1 of my gluten free lifestyle...and with your help i am prepared. THANKS!
  4. Nini i have already emailed you and i must know how you lost 105 pounds!!!!!!
  5. does anyone know offhand certain health and beauty products that are gluten free...such as soap, shampoo, makeup and toothpaste?
  6. bless your heart Armetta ...thanks for your advice you are strong person. does anyone else have GERD? will going gluten free help?
  7. Thanks for the replies. Like i said before...i am starting my new gluten free lifestyle tomorrow. I, like you, have never read labels before so i suspect i will spend a good 5 hours at the store tomorrow. BTW...does anyone know if Ranch dressing is gluten free? Thanks for the heads up Rachel ...on the withdrawl thing...am certain i will go thru it...how long does it last and what should i expect. I am such a wuss and have no will power...wish me luck.
  8. Thanks Ajay...you are right...everyone has been so nice. This message board is becoming addictive. I am so amazed about how many people..even those in the medical field are so uneducated about this disease. i spoke to a friend who is a dietitian and has been for 36yrs. and she claims she's only ever met 4 celiacs in her career! Bless her heart she tried to help but I stopped listening when she told me i could eat spaghetti
  9. Is it worth paying $80 an hour to a dietitian who specializes in celiac...or should i be able to teach myself all i need to know?
  10. I have been overweight all my life and have recently been diagnosed....I keep reading about people gaining weight on a gluten free diet. I understand why but then again...for someone like me...gluten accounts for the majority of foods i eat (until now)...Has anyone lost weight since they went gluten free?
  11. Thanks everyone for your replies...its so nice to talk to others that have this. My family and friends had never even heard of Celiac till i got diagnosed...its comforting to talk to others. What was it like for you all? I live in a small town in the south where its all biscuits and gravy...nobody understands!!! Once i start this gluten free diet...if i do accidently eat gluten will my reactions to it become stronger?
  12. good advice guys. thanks its been very stressful preparing myself for this change...i've set tomorrow as my gluten free start date...any advice on what foods to stock up on? also, what toothpastes are gluten free? shampoos...makeup...etc.?
  13. OK first off don't get offended cause after all I am newly diagnosed and having a hard time dealing with the life change of it all. But all this stuff about cross contaminating ones self by using the same cookware or thru toothpaste....do i really need to worry about this stuff...honestly. I dont know if i am just not as sensitive as others but I dont get violently sick when i eat gluten...i've been eating it all my life...yes i've had stomach problems but the vomiting and hospital stuff never applied to me. I just got my test results back yesterday...biopsy and blood work...i wasnt convinced that i had it till they both came back positive so i havent even started my diet yet....and you all are really freaking me out with this cross contamination stuff. Please advise... Another question: I have been overweight all my life...not typical of a celiac...anyone else???
  14. Hi, I have just been told that i am a celiac but I'm not convinced as i have been overweight all my life and I do not have the skin issue i have been reading about associated with celiac. While i have battled stomach issues all my life but not to the extent that i have been reading about. The Dr. did a biopsy and said i had it...but i am reluctant to make such a huge change in my eating habits until i am sure...is it possible to have this even though i am overweight and dont get violently sick everytime i eat gluten??? please advise