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  1. i dont get mad when people eat it in front of me but i do wish i could have it too.
  2. sometimes i wish i was like everyone else and was able to eat wheat too. but i know thats just me not being able to eat wheat. s owhen i go to a freinds house i always ask what...
  3. thank you . oh and i hope i do enjoy them!
  4. sorry if one of these are already posted but i dont know what happened but the computer went to another screen while i was still writing.so i was at the pool one day with my friend...
  5. My mom and my sister just wanted me to stop by and say hi. They get on here alot. Oh and by the way my name is chloe.
  6. thanks i think i know why some people think im twins with my almost 11 year old sisterwhen im 13 and not almost 11[ its like im past 11 years old people , hello!] thanks, chloe...
  7. hi I was eating skittles yesterday and forgot to check if they were gluten free and my mom just looked at them and siad for me to ask you guys if skittles are gluten and wheat free...
  8. thanks alot for doing that I really appriciate it, chloe.
  9. my brother and sisters went to the pharmacy[ a candy store.] and got candy so Iwas wondering if sprees were gluten and wheat free! heres the ingredients dextrose, sugar, maltodextrin...
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