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  1. thanks for taking the time to reply!
  2. Hello again. My husband’s rash showed up three years ago and it cleared up pretty well as soon as he stopped gluten. recently he got a very severe breakout again and many of the bumps cracked open and became open lesions with pus, then a bit bloody, then scabs, etc. with this severe breakout came chills. he gets them throughout the day, not very strong but they’re definitely there. his doctor said that the chills may be his body’s response to the acute flare. has anyone else experienced this with a breakout? the breakout/chills have lasted over a month. thanks in advance.
  3. Hi everyone. For the past week my 11 year old son has been complaining of misquoito bites itching him. i finally looked at them today properly and it looks exactly like DH. My husband has DH as well but it only appeared in his early 30’s. My son’s rash is all across the back of his thighs, on the sides of both knees and a little bit on the top of both sides of the buttocks. I wanted to get him tested to see if he has a gluten allergy, either the prick test or blood test or both. i prefer not to do a biopsy as seems very invasive. my two questions: - what tests are most reliable in determining if one has DH? - does the rash on his thighs seem like DH? (pic attached) thanks in advance!
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