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Gluten-Free American, British/UK Recipes

Gluten-Free American & British Recipes - Please submit your favorite gluten free recipes here by registering as an author on our site. Your recipes will appear here and help thousands of other people with celiac disease.

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    The finished chili-lime roasted corn. Photo: CC-carmyarmyofme
    Once you’ve had this tangy, spicy corn, it will be hard to go back to the plain stuff. Like a good plate of ribs, you eat this corn with the hope of getting messy.

    The finished okra and tomatoes. Photo: CC-MollyJade
    Simply put, this dish is yummy! It’s also an easy way of breaking the okra ice for anyone who’s new, or wooing the okra-averse. It’s delicious over rice or with sausage, shrimp, or pork chops. Okra has great texture, absolutely perfect with the soft tomatoes and peppers.

    The finished potato salad. Photo: CC-letouj
    This is not at all like the scary store-bought potato salad of many a childhood. The red potatoes add a splash of color and play up the salty bacon and creamy buttermilk play nicely. This recipe is likely to become your new picnic classic.

    The finished herb omelet. Photo: CC-erelster
    Sure, stuffed omelets are great. I’m guilty of having mine drip with cheese and spill over with toppings. But nothing beats the beauty of simplicity. The blend of herbs is light and delicious. A little tart cheese adds all the bite you’ll need for this wonderful addition to any breakfast or brunch.

    Easy Anytime Smoothie. Photo: CC-Jose Carlos Cortizo Perez
    This smoothie is one of the easiest, moist satisfying smoothies I know how to make. It's also quite flexible. You can use so many different kinds of fruits or berries, according to your tastes or what's available.

    The finished grilled stuffed whole rainbow trout. Photo: CC-tvol
    With summer around the corner, many folks have one eye on the grill, and the other on their fishing gear. Grilled, fresh trout is a one of my favorite summer treats.

    The finished Dutch Eggs Benedict. Photo: CC-avlxyz
    One of my favorite breakfast dishes is this variation on Eggs Benedict that some call Dutch Benedict. If you're thinking about whipping up some Hollandaise sauce for your Mother's Day Benedict, consider this savory variation that uses smoked wild salmon in lieu of ham or Canadian bacon.

    The finished marinated grilled salmon. Photo: CC-navin75
    Good salmon is one of this treats that can stand on its own merits with little or no adornment. In summer, I like to put salmon steak or fillet on the grill with a few good veggies. It's an easy dish to make, and one that pairs nicely with rice for a lean, nutritious meal.

    The finished balsamic chicken with spinach. Photo: CC--holycalamity
    This dish came together one night at an impromptu dinner party. Limited to the contents of my friend’s kitchen, I was forced to rely on a just few simple flavors, which really let the chicken speak for itself.

    The finished milk-braised pork shoulder. Photo: CC--Edsel L.
    In this recipe, milk is used to add tremendous flavor to pork shoulder. This recipe yields a great base that can be dressed up with a number of different sides and the leftovers make incredible sandwiches.

    The finished fennel roasted salmon. Photo: CC-AmySelleck
    I’m a big fan of just about any “one-pot” meal. A good one-pot meal is easy to make and brimming with flavor. The flavors in this simple dish come together seamlessly. The roasted vegetables and herbs infuse the flaky salmon.

    The finished brown rice and spinach salad. Photo: CC-jules:stonesoup
    This hearty salad is wonderful in the summer when tomatoes peak, but the cherry or grape varieties hold up pretty well year-round.

    The finished easy mixed-berry jam. Photo: CC-Pinot & Dita
    I call this an “easy” jam, because I bypass the traditional canning process. Since I started dabbling with different fruit combinations, the jams I make are never in my kitchen long enough to need sealing.

    The finished corned beef and cabbage. Photo: CC-bobjudge
    This is doubtless the best time of year to buy corned beef. In anticipation for Saint Patty’s festivities, it’s almost always on sale.

    The finished dijon and herb roasted cauliflower. Photo: CC--Laurel Fan
    The best side dishes are those that neatly bring together a few simple ingredients and pack an unexpected flavor. The sweet herbs in this dish compliment the tangy mustard and offer a bright melody of flavor that will have your guests wondering with delight over the pleasantly zingy flavors.

    The finished asparagus with orange and walnuts. Photo: CC-roland
    The orange zest in this asparagus dish helps bring a tasty zing and a great aroma to the walnuts. I’ve had a lot of luck with this flavor combination on broccoli and green beans as well.

    The finished olive-stuffed chicken with creamed mushrooms. Photo: CC-naotakem
    I’ve always loved a combination of kalamata and green olives in this dish because their tart saltiness plays nicely against the rich, creamy mushroom sauce. However, almost any variety would work well, just keep an eye out for pits.

    The finished blackened cajun catfish. Photo: CC-The DLC
    Blackening is a really fun way to cook fish. Nothing seems to beat the demanding flavor that comes from a perfectly seared crust. Blackening fish on a cast-iron skillet creates intense heat and smoke so always work in a well-ventilated kitchen.

    The finished zucchini and tomato gratin. Photo: CC-AlishaV
    I’m hard pressed to find any food that isn’t made better by adding melted cheese. Gratins are a great way to serve up a variety of vegetable and traditional gratins, which typically contain breadcrumbs and flour, are easily adaptable to better suit a gluten-free diet. I love dishes that encourage variation.

    The finished citrus scallops over quinoa. Photo: CC-jordanmit09
    This is a wonderfully sweet way to prepare scallops. The integrity of the scallops is well-maintained by giving them a light sear on each side, allowing them to hold their own against the tangy citrus sauce.

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