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Heinz Tomato Ketchup

Entry posted by klc · - 2,505 views

I have contacted Heinz about their ketchup. They state their product is gluten free. Every time I eat Heinz's ketchup I get these loud stomach gurgles. These gurgles seem to be more abnoxious than any other gurgle I get from time to time. Sholud we trust this product and is anyone else out there getting any unusual reactions from this product? <_<



It is possible that you have other intolerances besides gluten. You might be reacting to something other than gluten in the ketchup. I don't know what the ingredients are, so I can't tell you what the most likely culprits are.

I can't use any kind of ketchup simply because I am intolerant to tomatoes.

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I know this thread is old---but YES! My kids were using the Organic Ketchup every day---on multiple meals. And they had a 100% definite gluten reactions---they typical reactions that ONLY happen from gluten. This ketchup has gluten from somewhere. I did call Heinz and the lady told me they test and the vinegar is from corn. And she had never heard of anyone, ever, reacting to their ketchup. Well---until now. :blink:

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