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  1. I got hit on thanksgiving too and it has been a little over a year since my last glutening. I think mostly I made it this long because I was less sensitive while pregnant, I had no stomach issues the whole time- it was amazing. I think what got me was some French onion dip oddly enough, I didn't confirm how it was made and assuming a packet with barley or something stupid in it, but damn it was good. Reading your post was comforting, glad I'm not the only one. I puked that night had the shakes and chills and felt hungover for 2 days. What's annoying is that I am still crazy bloated after about 10 am onward(feel like I am struggling to digest everything) and my muscle issues. All the awful knots I had a year ago are back in my neck and shoulders. I'm talking rock hard huge knots that even an intense deep tissue massage hasn't phased. Does anyone else have that???? I'm afraid I'm back into the vicious inflammation cycle.
  2. My favorite perk: I get my own damn pizza and NO you absolutely CANNOT have a piece- because it cost $80. I also like the bringing my own food but for some work things its kind of a pain slash i feel like i look like a weirdo. Like i really care. I am weird!
  3. I might be a little late to add but I was having a lot of spasms/cramping in my neck shoulders mid back (seemed to just keep spreading despite ART and deep tissue massages) I ended up seeing a spine doctor after MRI and they prescribed Baclofen-it's a non narcotic muscle relaxer that stopped my spasms after only taking a half pill each night for a week. Then I didn't need it anymore. I have been gluten-free for a year though this cramping got pretty bad after a 2 month poisoning of taco seasoning.. i won't forget to check labels again.
  4. On Tuesday when i was hitting the peak of my emotional madness (post glutening) at work I wanted to put a sign around my neck that said "warning: volatile specimen. Approach with caution" or something along the lines of me being a psycho b. sigh.. now I am just to the week long lingering of nausea and multiple trips to the bathroom. Happy wedding anniversary! something weird is going on in there...
  5. No way! I used to live in Minneapolis before I came here and loved the state fair but was thinking to myself lately that it would never be an option to have a FRESH DIPPED CORN DOG ever again. so you are saying there's a chance!!! That is super cool. Too bad it's over already.. dang it.
  6. I haven't been to a Red Robin since Gluten-Free, are they pretty trustworthy? I just had 5 guys yesterday YUM! I live in CA so definitely flying.
  7. Minneapolis for some of the time and the rest at a wedding in Hudson WI. Do you guys notice the pain and suffering this late? I am a HOT MESS at work right now which is just great. Trying to hold back tears because i am so frustrated with my stupid cell phone company and trying not to SCREAM at these people for being so EFFING stupid. At work.. totally profesh. 0-60 in a flash for the second time this morning.. ugh. i don't even get this emotional when i am pmsy. I think i need a sign to hang around my neck that says "psycho bitch on the loose" or maybe just "volatile specimen, approach with caution"
  8. Unless it was something else I ate, it could be a million things at this point. But I have been pretty dang good and only eating approved gluten-free items (salads, five guys, yogurt). And I mean my own yogurt because this crap at the hotel has modified corn starch AND modified food starch. I'm supposed to avoid the food starch right? Ok I did eat one of them a few days ago. ..
  9. Well it's a little over a week now since I ate those scrambled eggs that went through me within 4 hours and I am definitely feeling off. For the last 4 days I have had this headache that hurts when I move my eyes, tired, CRANKY, EMOTIONAL, more bathroom time, and my neck is bugging me again. Oh and off and on nausea for the last 2 days. Why the heck do I have the sleeper cell symptoms? Other than the "urgent greasy evacuation" i didn't have much for symptoms until a couple days later. And now they will surely be stretched out another week. Just in time for my trip to MN....
  10. I actually did pretty good last Thanksgiving- I live in California but my family is all in Nebraska. So this last thanksgiving I stayed here and went to a friends family one where I knew of one other person who ate gluten free. I made gluten-free stuffing/dressing (though it got a little burnt when the host reheated it) gravy, rainbow mashed potatoes and the turkey was gluten-free so that was awesome. I also found a great recipe thats super easy for gluten-free pumpkin pie (crustless). I guess what I am most concerned about is my family back in the midwest. My mom is super supportive and such but its the rest of the family and my husbands small town farm family that i will definitely have to bring my own food. But it will just be a trial and error. hopefully less errors. I made breakfast in the hotel room today not too shabby, a girl needs her bacon. So back to earlier when i was talking about not trusting people at restaurants and such. Do you all get pretty concerned about minor glutenings (who am i kidding they are rarely minor)? I guess there isn't really a whole lot you can do afterwards but hang on for the ride but, do you worry about the long term effects? Which digestive enzymes do you take, if any?
  11. I have been reading all your replies this evening and I can't explain how grateful I am. Thank you for taking the time to help me out. I am in an extended stay hotel with normal size fridge and 2 burners. I actually cooked tonight some taco meat and feel better already. Just takes more planning, but it's overall a much healthier way to eat and I have always preferred eating healthy stuff because other things dont agree with me. I will work on coming up with research to show my husband and such. I can't intentionally restart the inflammation process again, it's just too painful (for the gluten challenge). Thank you for the support, I know now that I have you all to turn to in tough times. Like..thanksgiving haha!
  12. Thanks for the tough love guys. The stupid thing is that I know all this stuff, i guess maybe just the living in a hotel thing is getting to me because its allowed me to be around so much more gluten food. (there is a leak in my kitchen so i have no running water and no kitchen!!) Usually i am fairly confident because i love to cook and eating gluten isn't an issue usually-when i have my big beautiful kitchen of course. And the weird thing with the eggs i guess is a mystery but i dont necessarily need the answer i need to just cook my own food. (i know i am not allergic to eggs because i eat them all the time and never have issues) I have found my fair share of lovely gluten free options-my work is right across the parking lot from trader joes (MY LOVE!) so i eat a lot of salads for lunch from there or just bring leftovers. My husband is supportive i think he is just confused. He wants me to feel better and he has a conventional medicine mindset. He has no idea how much research i have done in the last year. I guess I need some good scientific documents on cross contamination so he can read them. I suppose i just want to heal more and get better. I want to try the enzymes and stuff. I don't know if its a bad thing to assume i have an auto-immune disease without actually having one.. but whats the difference i guess? If a licensed professional notes that I do i suppose I just go with that and be glad i didn't have to get a biopsy. sigh.... at least i can still drink my wine
  13. I have my gene test somewhere, its prometheus and i remember it was the last bar of the graph 2.2 considered the low risk gene. My blood test last summer says: Tissue transglutaminase igG standard range <=.90 index, my range is .10 and for IgA with the same standard range is at .15 My online healthcare login there is a place called "ongoing health conditions" and under that it says "Celiac disease noted 1/3/2014" and then there is another one that says "cervical spine degeneration noted 6/13/2014" I guess its not so much that i don't trust people its just that if i am going to be THAT careful i feel like i can't rely on restaurant people to take care of me. Maybe i am just going through a thing right now. But i really hate being "that person" at a restaurant who is a pain in the ass. I have worked food service and know what its like. I do trust my good friend (with peanut allergy) to cook for me and sometimes my neighbor- though she usually gets me with the damn soy sauce. It feels that with all this planning of restaurants and having only a couple that you can go to seems so limiting and how am i to impose this life of limited options on my husband as well?! How is one to be spontaneous and go to a quick lunch, or out for drinks and get some dinner. I suppose I should just buy stock in Kind bars as that's something i always keep in my purse haha! I also really am excited to have a child because it seems parents can get away with taking a variety of snacks anywhere! I will be all set then bring my cheese cubes and veggies and hummus to bars and restaurants hahaha
  14. I agree with you. I have been gluten free ever since July 2013 aside from a few slip ups. I just have a very hard time feeling comfortable asking for all these things when i order food. Even when I do request gluten free things (not going as far as asking for a clean grill and such) how do i trust people!? How do any of you trust people to not sabotage you? How do you order sushi or chinese or mexican and actually trust that the person has ANY idea what the hell you are talking about? Let alone speak enough english to know what you are saying. I tell the hotel and they don't really seem to care. Most of the time its more hassle than its worth. I don't want to eat out ever anymore. I don't even want to go to weddings or back home for thanksgiving because what the hell will i eat? It's so much energy to hover over everything making sure they aren't using the wrong utensil and all this crap. I hate it! and I know there is nothing i can do to change my predicament but its sure as hell frustrating. even my sister things you can just take drugs to make celiac better. sighhhh..... I would kill to just have one real friend that knew what this was like. The best I have is my really good friend with a peanut allergy, so at least she kind of understands but restaurants, hotels, airlines all know about that one. sorry for the rant