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Celiac Gene Testing

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Has anyone had gene testing (blood sample). I think its HLA DQ2 and DQ8...? Is that accurate...I assume so? Has any celiac has this done and shown postive...and has any celiac had it done and shown negative? Thanks



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My kids and I had gene testing done, but we did cheek swabs, not blood. DQ2 and DQ8 are the two main genes related to Celiac Disease. Having the genes does not mean you will get the disease, but you do have the chance of getting it. Also if you have the genes and have symptoms then you most likely have an active case of the disease. Also you might not have the gene's but you might still be gluten intolerant. Not all labs check for the gluten intolarance genes, only the Celiac genes.

The four of us were tested and two of us have one DQ2 gene, the other two are non-celiac gluten intolerant . Here is how the results break down for us:

Myself: HLA-DQ2 (subtype 2) and HLA-DQ3 (subtype 7)

My daughter: HLA-DQ2 (subtype 2) and HLA-DQ3 (subtype 7)

My older son: 2 copies of HLA-DQ3 (subtype 7) ;that predisposes to gluten sensitivity

My younger son: HLA-DQ1(subtype 5) and HLA-DQ3 (subtype 7);this genotype also can predispose to microscopic colitis and other autoimmune syndromes. This son has the most health problems and had the most intestinal damage. His pediatric Rheumatologist/Immunologist doctor says he is not willing to rule out Celiac since there has not been enough research done on the disease and they are not sure they have isolated all of the genes responsible fo the disease. He has improved so much on the gluten and dairy free diet and has grown more in 3 months than he had in the past year!

I hope this helps and if you have a more specific question about the tests. Feel free to ask.

God bless,



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    • Hi Lisa, I completely understand why you didn't do a biopsy on your daughter.  I went through the appendix thing myself...not fun!  I was diagnosed with just bloodwork and no biopsy, but did have the full panel.  I would go back to your PCP and ask for a full panel to include TTG, EMA and DGP tests.  Since she was already willing to test you, I'm sure she would be willing to order these.  Good luck!
    • What a gross title–it bothers me and I wrote it! It wasn't my idea originally. The research paper the data came from was entitled, "Experimental hookworm infection and gluten microchallenge promote tolerance in celiac disease" published recently in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology. View the full article
    • katesyl.........this is an older topic so the OP most likely won't answer.  I can, however, offer a piece of advice for you. Just going gluten free will probably not drive your inflammation markers down into normal.  It does depend on how high they were to begin with but with all autoimmune diseases, there will be inflammation going on forever.  Get used to wonky blood work because most of us will have that issue. I have 4 autoimmune diseases in total and, although I have driven certain inflammatory markers way down, my recent sed rate number was elevated.  The normal is supposed to be 30 and under in a woman my age but mine is 50.  With 4 AI diseases, I doubt it will ever be normal and I don't let it bother me. I am not willing to take major meds at all and use more natural anti-inflammatory supplements.  You can do whatever you feel comfortable with in regards to treatment but don't expect normal numbers with Celiac Disease. Inflammation will improve but normal?  Most people never get there completely.
    • My daughter's PCP did not go against anything, she offered to do the biopsy - I was the one opposed to it. My DD, who was 10 at the time had just spent 3 weeks in the hospital, very sick with a ruptured appendix, then had 2 surgeries a few months after. I didn't see the need to put her through anything else with her numbers so high and all the classic symptoms. Apparently, in some other countries, if your numbers are all high, they forego biopsy. Anyway, I was really asking about myself and whether I should push for add'l testing. I am still new this this and trying to get up-to-date and wasn't sure if my PCP should conduct other blood tests before I go completely gluten-free. I have been somewhat gluten-free, but not entirely. I have no problem going gluten-free, but want to make sure that I am doing it for the right reasons. I wasn't sure if the Gliadin Abs IgA was sufficient to point to Celiac and possibly doing a biopsy for me. Or if additional blood test would make more sense.   Thanks!!
    • I would like to know if you have found out the source of your inflammation yet. I'm gluten free three years but my inflammation test was high.
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