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I know that I've read on one of the celiac disease sites where gluten ingestion symptoms can be delayed and then show up weeks down the road- maybe it was on this site that I read this but not positive.

I would suspect gluten sensitivity perhaps. As mentioned in an earlier posting, you may very well have other food intolerance issues. Look at all the food you are eating every day and write it down in a ledger. Show the reactions your body is giving you and write the symptoms/date too.

I have been doing this and I can see that my having a yeast intolerance will be increased by sugar intake or fermented foods as well. I am now avoiding corn syrup and vinegars. Vinegars are fermented and they are included in mustard, pickles, mushrooms etc..... I had been drinking regular soda free of caffeine but it contained high fructose corn syrup! Definite NO for me. Corn syrup is in canned tomato sauces as well. Once again, you need to read the ingredient labels. Torula yeast is also used in many processed foods. < yet another reason to begin the natural food processing route.

I could go on an on but just wanted to voice my thoughts. What better way to learn than from each other.


Mary Jo


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    • My DH was diagnosed with celiac disease several months ago and I was just getting a handle on baking again, turning out gluten free quick breads, muffins, biscuits, breads and cakes like a champ when.....more allergies. Now we are gluten free, dairy free, egg free.....and rice free. Yikes. I've converted to almond and coconut milk, that was a breeze. Vegan egg substitute just made its way into the house for baking and I have high hopes, though I haven't used it yet.  I need a gluten free flour blend that doesn't contain rice flour. On hand I have oat, coconut, sorghum, fufu and amaranth flours, potato starch, corn starch, and xanthan gum. I need a mix that will use what I have on hand, and that will work for quick breads like banana and pumpkin bread.  Anyone have a recipe that has worked for them in the past?
    • Thankyou so much that's really helpful I did wonder about dairy as I seem to bloat a little after a coffee with milk
    • Love your attitude - it will really help you going forward (I was you three years ago...) Don't be surprised as time goes on if you have a lull in your fortitude.  Every once in a while I see (or smell!) a food I really miss, or have an accidental glutening that sets me back, or someone that doesn't understand my issues and thinks I'm a faddist.  I've learned to let myself have a sulk and a pity party and then move on.   Good luck!
    • Hi Natalie, That sounds like how it often goes after beginning the gluten-free diet.  We'd like to think that it would be steady progress in the up direction but it seems like our healing goes back and forth a little.  The immune system reaction takes a while to settle down, weeks to months.  So it is hard for the gut to heal while that reaction is going on. It's helpful to eat simple foods at first and avoid dairy.  Processed foods including baked goods are best left on the shelf.  Try to eat whole foods only including meats, vegetables and nuts.  Carbs and sugar are not helpful. Things should get better after a month or two if your diet is clean of gluten and diary.  Then you can try adding things back in slowly one item a week. Peppermint tea can help with bloating.  Probiotics may help too. Welcome to the forum!
    • like I said I am new and just learning ...   Is Mirlax gluten free
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