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just me trying to figure out celiac disease, ra and hypo and still maintain my sanity :)

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December 2008

What a busy summer! I've done very well at staying wheat free. I haven't lost much weight, which is disappointing, but I do feel pretty good.

I now carry an epi-pen in case I get into any wheat. I'm looking for some good pumpkin pie recipes, pumpkin cheesecake, blueberry pie, etc. I have found some but they aren't all that good. I'd also like a good gluten-free pasta but so far I don't like any of them, same with bread...it feels like you have a brick in your stomach after eating those!

Not much else is happening. Son had emergency appendectomy Nov. 14 but he's feeling better now. that's about it..


after Sunday's contamination, I'm feeling better this morning. My stomach doesn't feel nearly as bloated. I do still have some back pain from swelling and all but it's not as bad as yesterday. I had a protein shake this morning and put a pork roast in the crock pot for dinner tonight. I'm in a starchy mood so I know I have to be extremely careful today. I'm going to the store soon, I will look for lots of fresh fruits and vegetables to help feel me up for the day. I get into trouble even if I have gluten free "grains" of any kind because they kick off craving triggers for me. I have to stay completely away from all grains to be healthy.


I posted this on another forum but felt I needed it here to always remind me of how simple my diet can and should be and how much better I feel if I will follow this:


here's where I'm at at this point:


1. grains of all kinds cause inflammation and pain FOR ME


2. red meat, pork, too much chicken (more than once or twice a week) cause inflammation and pain FOR ME


3. all dairy, ESPECIALLY CHEESE (which I love too..) cause pain and inflammation for me


4. chocolate..same as above


5. any and all carbonated beverages, diet, water, etc...same as above


6. bananas, same as above


What doesn't bother me:


all other fruits, non-starchy vegetables, FISH!! (lots of fish, all kinds),


I know it doesn't sound like much to eat but when I load up on fruits, vegetables and fish, I feel fantastic and don't need as much arthritis medicine (methotrexate, plaquenil, prednisone).


Everyone is going to be different. I have to low carb by watching my intake of fruits and my low carb isn't as strict as many people here, but this is one way to somewhat control my arthritis.


I had a not so nice little scare tonight. I was really hungry so I grabbed a couple of crackers. WHOA! I started getting a knot in between my nose and throat, my right ear felt like it was going to explode from pressure, I had immediate flood of sinus drainage and rapid heart rate. Most the symptoms are lessening except the drainage and I still have a bit of a knot in between the nose and throat area.


Ok, do I really have to go thru this again to realize wheat is as serious as peanuts to my LIFE???


Carrot Cake Muffins!

Bread of Life Gluten Free Carrot Cake Muffins are delicious! I cut it in half, warmed 1/2 for 30 seconds and put butter on it and served with hot spiced tea. Oh my gosh it was so good I wanted to eat the other 1/2! I'm glad I didn't cuz now I can have it for breakfast tomorrow. I had some gluten on Christmas and the day after :(


Yesterday was very good 100% no gluten and so was today. I just about grabbed something yesterday and husband actually caught that it had gluten (yeah!) I made a great black bean soup last night and served over rice. I soaked dry black beans overnight, then the next morning I rinsed those. I placed 1/2 pound bacon, quite a bit of garlic, a chopped onion, 3 or 4 stalks chopped celery in the crock pot followed by the beans and chicken broth. I cooked that about 9 hours on low, then added ro-tel tomatoes for another hour. I then served over long grain white rice. Everyone loved it.


Today we ate out but I kept it to beans at lunch and vegetables and rice for dinner.


I am staying home alone tomorrow but I have leftover black bean soup and also some gluten-free buckwheat pancake mix for something different.


Bad Food This Evening?

ugh, feel awful this evening. I've been fighting a sore throat for two or three days and have a bit of a cough. We went out to a movie this afternoon (Enchanted, cute) and I ate a little popcorn, then we went to a new Hong Kong Buffet. OMG, my stomach is so upset and I can clear a room with no effort


I don't know if it was only the carbs or if there was wheat in the food. I tried to eat things without the sauces and stick to vegetables and unbreaded meats but there HAD to be something there. I know lunch was safe, a chicken fajita salad at El Portal's which I have often and have always had a good stomach afterwards, plus it was after the popcorn I got a little windy and then after dinner WOW


I'm not sure what my weight will do but I'm definitely bloated tonight. VERY strict tomorrow and lots of water.


dh and ds are getting much better about helping with finding wheat in foods and avoiding them. It's not their burden but I do appreciate the assistance, especially on days when I'm tired or flaring and they are helping with food choices and preparation.


I still have the two steps forward one step back syndrome going on. I make great progress in how I feel then something slips by me. I'm sure it was wheat based tonight cuz my chest is kind of tight feeling and heavy.


Foods I Can Not Handle

this is to update my "discoveries" this last month or so. I definitely can not handle milk or cheese. Cottage cheese doesn't seem to bother me though. I can NOT handle potatoes at all. The pain in my back and the bloating in my upper left rib and back area is horrible. I, of course, can not handle wheat at all. And carbonated beverages are out.


So, the bad food list is this:






carbonated beverages


I'm not sure about corn....still testing that one.


hubby is getting a colonoscopy and endoscopy? so they can check for everything. He's been having trouble still and didn't heed their wheat-free advice a few years ago so he gets to go thru the process all over again.


I'm doing really well now. Got glutened on Sunday and went thru digestive hell all day but it's much better today. Yesterday I ate straight protein and vegetables and that is so much easier on my body. I even feel like I lost a little weight! I did have a protein shake this morning at 2 carb servings but I'm in a hurry and don't want to fix anything in front of husband since he hasn't eaten since Sunday.


Will update on his test results when we get them..


October 05, 2007

well, I'm back after a very long summer and fall. Ok, it's technically still fall but it feels like it should be way past at this point. I was able to go on vacation for a couple of weeks. Went camping so it was easy to control diet. My problem came when we got home and son got an acting job 70 miles away. We traveled every day for two months and did a lot of eating out. Needless to say I've put on a little weight (although I had lost 20 this spring and summer and only gained 3 back) and I'm all windy and grumpy. Hubby and I just talked 1/2 hour ago and said we both are getting back to 100% gluten free starting tomorrow. Neither of us should have gluten and he had to come home early today because of his stomach.


My ra was much better when I was gluten free, now I'm in a big flare and am on prednisone again.


Life is slowing down now so I can focus a little better on my health and diet. Son is in another acting job but rehearsals are earlier in the day and he can go by himself. ok, that alone makes me want to stress eat that he's driving so far alone but I'm getting more and more used to it and not getting all keyed up everytime he says 'goodbye' and heads out the door.


all in all, I learned this year that no matter how busy I am, I must be ever diligent in my eating choices.


July 01, 2007

wow, I'm losing weight finally! I'm down to 166 from a prednisone high of 186. I want 40 more at least.


We bought a camper :) The day after we bought it we took it out for a test run. Very successful. It's so nice because we can vacation and I can cook and control the food now. DH still goes out and gets his bread and claims a little won't hurt him. I can't get him to understand that he needs to not eat ANY of it.


Next week we leave for a long Colorado vacation. I'm not taking any bread and he wants it, he'll have to drive an hour over the mountains to get it. I know that sounds mean but I'm hoping that 9 nine without it will make him realize how much better he could be feeling.


Schedule has been SO full! Son performed in Much Ado about Nothing, Guys and Dolls, and The Great Plains Theatre Conference. He's now in rehearsals for Love's Labour's Lost. Lots of eating out and no exercise. I have lost 15 pounds now since March 23! I'm no longer on prednisone which certainly helps. I am doing really well with eating fruits and vegetables with a little almond butter and as of today, flaxseed.


I start vocal lessons next week and can't wait! I miss singing so much and want my voice back! I feel better now that I'm losing weight and that helps my confidence to go do the things I want so much to do.


Other than lots of acting travel, not too much else is going on. I'm hoping to get out more this summer. We're looking to buy a camper to take to the mountains. I desperately want a vacation!


The week containing March 23rd will be a week I'm eternally grateful for. All week we were running back and forth for Full Monty performances and Much Ado rehearsals. I did not stay on my gluten free diet. I also noticed I was having breathing problems, similar but not as severe as, my peanut allergy reaction. By cast party Friday night, I was so tired I really didn't care what was served. I tried to be careful though, picking out dips and corn chips, fruits, meats and things without breading and wheat. However, at about 2:00 am someone served garlic pizza. Oh my gosh it smelled so good. I thought one slice won't hurt (yeah right). I had one or two bites and within seconds I was gasping for air, dizzy, tight chest, the works.. I was doubled over trying anything to get air. After a while it calmed down and I checked the package for peanuts or peanut flour. nothing there except WHEAT! Then I sat back and started thinking about all week, when did I have breathing problems? When I had wheat, even though it was in tiny amounts like a creamed soup or something, it was still there and I was reacting to it. It wasn't until the pizza bite though that I put it all together. I knew I had a wheat allergy but I had no idea it would or could get so severe! Pharmacist told me I had saturated my body and it just couldn't handle it anymore, like my peanut allergy had done years ago. I can not even sit near someone eating peanuts at a ballgame because of the peanut dust. That night I went 100% wheat and gluten free. I had one incident where I ordered corn chips at a restaurant. One bite and the same reaction. When I was better I asked the manager and he said they were 100% corn, just like the waitress had checked HOWEVER, they fried them in the same oil that they fry flour tortillas. That was enough to get me.


I can't believe how severe this got. I'm glad though, I often didn't take the celiac/gluten intolerance seriously enough. When I was fatigued or eating out 2 meals a day for 4 months, I got careless. It bit me in the butt! Now, there are no exceptions, no "a little won't hurt". I hate it when it takes something so serious to get my attention.


Even though the weather is changing with a rain storm coming in, I'm feeling really good! My joints don't hurt at all and I feel energetic, and this is a day after my mtx!! I would like to get all the pasta out of the house but hubby likes it. It's not really fair to deny him just because I can't have it. I feel like I'm losing a little weight but my scale is unavailable at the moment. The one thing i hate though is i have prednisone waist. I always had a smaller waist but it's really unproportionately large since being on prednisone so long. I am walking and exercising so hopefully that will shrink soon.


Not much else going on right now. I get the whole week off from traveling! Thats the best news I've had in months.


I am soooo tired. It's been 2 solid months of driving 160 miles every day. The play was great but everyone involved is exhausted. Now we have to get thru Much Ado About Nothing and THEN we rest!


Tomorrow I don't have to go anywhere!!!


The last few days I've had some problems with breathing. I felt like I do when I am around peanut dust or other peanut products. I then realized my wheat problem is the cause. I'd had two bites of pizza at a cast part Friday night and I could have sworn I'd eaten peanuts. My upper chest started tightening, I got dizzy, could hardly breathe. I realized it had to be the wheat in the crust. I had had something accidental the other day and had a similar, but not as strong, reaction. This is how I found out about my peanut allergy too, years ago.


I went to Chili's and HuHot today. Both were great about giving me allergy sheets. Before that I'd been a little scared to eat because I didnt want to have a life-threatening reaction to wheat or peanuts. I was able to eat at both places and avoid both allergens and felt much more comfortable because of it.


I am so tired tonight, I'll post more later regarding the restaurants.....


February 18, 2007

What a month! Son is now in two major theater productions and rehearsals nearly every night. We got stranded for several days out of town because of snow and ice. I had a terrible time staying gluten free and one day said to heck with it. Of course now I've been constipated since Wednesday, feel bloated and stuffy, moody too.


The family got into a conversation last night about expressing emotions. Hubby said none of the guys he ran around with growing up expressed emotions. Son and I have both had completely different experiences. H kept saying that "in our era" guys didn't talk about how they feel but I know that's not right, plenty of my high school friends did talk about it. I ran around in a big group of males and females and we all talked, it was no big deal. Son is having same type of experience. I'm wondering if hubby's experience is that his group really didn't talk or if they just didn't talk to HIM. He is definitely not the type of guy that you can share your dreams, hopes, hurts or anything else like that with. He either makes fun of them, insults them, tries to change them, or ridicules them later. It helped me to know that others never talked to him either. It's sad but it makes me understand that it's not just his and my relationship that's like that. I've been feeling so lonely lately because I don't have a close intimate relationship with someone that I can talk to about things and at least now I know that it's not just me that's the problem. I have missed that element of a relationship so much. I had a couple of boyfriends before I was married and I could talk to them so easily. Why did I not see at the beginning of this relationship that there was a sturdily built wall? It probably wouldn't have changed the outcome but at least I could have been more prepared emotionally for not having a relationship that included sharing or even mentioning feelings other than anger. I really feel so deep down lonely and I know that's why. I just don't know what to do about it.


February 01,2007

Another month gone by so quickly! I can hardly keep up. Traveling with food is going ok. I've been making some hot dishes since it's so cold. I made chili tonight and for some reason it was really flat tasting. I made it like I always do but it needed more umph tonight. I'm a little tired (already :rolleyes: ) of coming home at 11:30 or midnight and having to clean the thermos and ice chest out. It makes the day seem extra long to have to do chores that late. I think Sunday or Monday, whenever next rehearsal is, we'll make some kind of "sandwich".


I bought some tapioca hamburger buns and they were ok. They were awfully thick so next time I use them I will take 1/2 a bun, cut that in half and use that as a complete bun. It gave me a little bit of a stomach ache afterwards, I don't know why, it's gluten free but maybe too many carbs. Son found some gluten free chocolate frosted donuts. They were good but terribly sweet. I could only eat about 1/4 of mine. Then I read that each one had 60 grams of carbs! That's my daily total!!! No wonder I got seriously sweeted out!


I've been craving protein lately, especially seafood. A steak sounds very good too. If it wasn't blowing about 30mph outside (and about 10 degrees), I'd kick up the charcoaler or the smoker. DH and I used to do that on our apt. deck when we were first married. We'd be out there in the snow with the little smokey joe going. That was a lifetime ago......


Even though it's 12:30 am, I think a warm bath, a cup of hot tea, and then bed sounds pretty nice right now. I know I can sleep late tomorrow so there's no rush to go to bed. I've been having vivid dreams and nightmares again. I think my blood sugar has been getting too low. I almost dread going to sleep sometimes.


January 29, 2007

What a busy weekend! I feel like resting today but it's another travel day. I need to get some traveling dinner ideas so I can pack a meal that ds will eat before rehearsals. He is not cooperating with a gluten-free diet so husband and I decided we need to totally clean out the house and all of us will be gluten-free. I was shocked by that! I don't know how long that will last to be honest.


I suggested to ds that he get some lunch meats and cheeses, along with raw vegetables and pack a little relish tray. He promptly told me he things that's slimy and gross. ok........

He has to have protein because of his blood sugar so I will have to have some kind of meat or peanut butter, something along those lines. I'm sitting here clueless as to what I'm going to pack the next two months for supper. We don't have access to gluten-free products within 70 miles so that's not really an option, plus I think they are too heavy and blah. I don't know...I'll keep thinking on it.


I'm on a couple of boards now that has bickering going on because of "celebrity spokepersons". I don't get it. Why do we need a celebrity to validate what we have? Does it make the disease any more real? No. Does it make it "ok" to have? no. It might make it the flavor of the month disease which we don't need. I truly don't get why people think it's such a grand thing to have a celebrity vocalize their disease. It doesn't change my life or my disease if celebrity 'X' has it. It doesn't make me want to run up and down the street proclaiming I'm just like celebrity 'X'. It's quite frankly none of my damn business who has this or any other disease. If someone wants to come out and say 'hey, I have this, and this is what it is' and gives a decent and accurate account of the disease and how to seek help or assistance with said disease, fine, great, but for me, it's no different than if joe blow from the next town puts an article in the paper about it. It would have the same credibility, the same substance, the same affect for me. What is this country's fascination with celebrities and if a celebrity does it, has it, wants it, than it's suddenly better than everything else? I'd rather hear a news segment on my local news channel or a feature with a medical professional on CNN or TIME or something like that. THAT would carry a whole lot more weight with me than if the celebrity of the month has the disease of the month.

I don't think I will ever understand this obsession with celebrities and their private lives and/or how we "need" them to speak for us. If it's so important to (collective or individual) you that word gets out about this or any other issue than damn it, get out and do it yourself. Don't sit and wait for someone else to do it. Contact your local news station and ask them to run a segment on their news. Many news stations have a medical segment and love to have viewer input. I had an issue years ago with a city ordinance and I contacted my local news asking them to run the flip side of the story and they did several segments and it made a huge difference, the ridiculous ordinance did not go thru and that was very much due to getting the word out about the OTHER side of the story. This is no different. If it's that important, there are many ways to make your voice heard. Contact your local newspaper and see if they would run a story, contact your tv stations, contact your health magazines, radio stations. Many of them are more than willing to run stories on things like this.


rant over......for now ;)


January 27, 2007

Today is a big day. Son has Shakespeare auditions and a talent contest tonight. I would be so nervous and he's goofing around like it's another average day....I guess for him it is. He's really into this entertainment field.


I had a horrendous night Thursday night. I had the most massive RA pain that I've ever had in my two years of this disease. I'm not sure what triggered it but I'm suspecting a hamburger and diet Dr. Pepper. I haven't had red meat or carbonated beverages in a long time and I had them both on one day. I was in so much pain, I couldn't move my shoulder at all. I woke up the house trying to get help with this. DH and ds were trading off getting me ice packs or heating pads, tylenol, pillows, you name it. I was to the point of throwing up and passing out. I was seriously considering the er for a cortisone shot. DH finally got me situated in a way that I could at least rest a bit. No one got any sleep that night. Yesterday I did see the dr. and of course, he wanted to give me a shot. I got some strong painkiller and prednisone and came home and slept. Last night was much better. Bad thing was, I was so exhausted last night and so run down that I didn't care what I ate. DH's idea of cooking is pizza take out and I ate a piece. I know it was so stupid but after the extreme pain and all, I really didn't care. I've had a lot of indigestion but so far that's it. I already have today as a "cleaning" day (lots of fruit, water, nothing too solid) and hope that helps get it thru my system faster. It's not a cure-all for having wheat, nothing is, but I want to do something to try to move it along shall we say?


Well, time to start traveling for the day. Before auditions, ds has voice lessons. A full day to be sure.


January 23,2007

I found out the dizziness wasn't from being glutened. I KNEW I'd been extremely careful! It's from my RA medicine. That's one of the top side effects, that and diarrhea :(


I'm feeling very good this morning, husband said I'm "buzzing". I feel that way when I'm completely gluten free. I have so much energy it's annoying! It's pretty sad when I start laundry at 7 in the morning. I hate doing laundry. I had to have something to do though. I'm sure it will hit me around 10 am and I'll need a nap.


I ate vegetarian yesterday and I feel better today, not so much pain. I saw a low carb vegetarian book at Barnes and Noble I think I'll buy. Since going off prednisone and eating lc, I've lost 2 pounds. Not much but it's a start!


Today I'm going to start my door to door soliciting for money for the Arthritis Walk. I had a good time doing the Walk last year and I'm looking forward to this year's walk. I hope it doesn't rain this year. I would love to have sunshine and dry weather. It was fun but cold and damp last year. It's a lot more fun to walk in shorts and t-shirts than in raincoats and umbrellas.


I often wonder how much my celiac played into my getting RA. Plus I'm hypothyroid and hypoglycemic. I've heard they all go hand in hand. I hope this is the end of it and I don't get any more diseases.


January 21, 2007

son got his call today, not only did he get a part in the play, he got 3 parts! Tomorrow we start "the drive".


We got around 7 inches of snow today. It's one of the prettier snows we've had in years. It's not dreadfully cold either, it's one of those snows that you want to go out and walk in it.


I must have been glutened cuz I've been having those weird dizzy spells in the top of my head today. I used to get those quite a bit before gluten-free. I don't know where on earth I would have gotten it though. I've been very careful with all my food and drink. Maybe it's not that, I don't know.


This morning I made a poached egg, green tea. Snack was some cheddar cheese. Lunch was a chicken fajita salad. VERY good. I made a sausage patty for snack (bad, I know but I was feeling like I needed protein and I didn't want more cheese). I'm making chicken and green beans with potatoes for dinner tonight.


I keep thinking I want to exercise but I keep getting side-tracked. I really need to set aside a designated time for myself to work out. I do best if I exercise in the morning, first thing so I can't get sidelined with the days events.


I am so tired today. We had a long drive yesterday and a lot of waiting around for events and I guess that took its toll on me. I've hardly done anything today, I should have been doing laundry but as of right now, I still have another load to start. Why is it that laundry never is done? As soon as you finish, everyone loads up the baskets again. It's like they're hiding dirty laundry in their rooms, waiting for those baskets to be empty so they can see how fast they can fill them again. Do they use them for basketball like in the commercials? I would believe it. Anyway, I need to get that going.


I feel like going to bed for a week. Have someone bring me great takeout (is there such a thing?) and watch old movies. No phone, no errands, no chores, no traveling. no following everyone else's schedules. I think a nice spa would be wonderful. Especially in the mountains. Hot tubs, massage, total pampering. ahhhh...pleasant dream....


January 17, 2007

Well, we're gearing up for a busy spring. Son just got a call-back from the theater. He'll be in at least two if not three big productions this spring. This means about 150-160 miles driven every single day from now until late April.


I'm doing well with my diet but I'm a little under the weather. I don't have the stuff everyone else is fighting but I do have a sinus infection. It's mostly bothersome because it's settled in my ears and my hearing is off a bit. I'm taking z-pack for a few days to get rid of it. At least I"m not feeling terrible.


I finished my prednisone this weekend so hopefully I can start losing this steroid weight. Being gluten free will help of course. I'm doing ok on the low carb except I keep having smoothies! I know the fruit is good for me but it's so high carb and too much sugar. I feel badly cuz husband bought me a juicer for Christmas and I don't want to not use it.


Mom thinks oldest nephew might have celiac. He does look awful. I saw him right before Christmas and I couldn't believe how unhealthy he looked. His mom and dad will never look into celiac though. They blow it off as "he eats crap", which he does, he fixes boxes of macaroni and cheese, or eats other pasta and baked goods. He's losing his teeth, he's lost a ton of weight, he looks awful.


I'm tired tonight, probably the infection working it's charm...


Today the temperatures in the 50's. The forecast is for ice Friday and snow Saturday. That wouldn't be bad except I have to drive 160 miles + on Saturday. The wind is very strong today and that is making Abby (long-haired miniature dachshund) very nervous. She paces and growls and then crawls on our laps and shivers from nerves, then paces and growls some more.


I still haven't gotten sick (yea!) Everyone around me has been sick or is sick. I'm doing all I can to stay healthy, washing hands frequently, vitamins, good diet, rest, etc.


I've been trying to figure out what is the best diet for me. I did very well on low carb a few years ago but now that I'm older, have ra, and because heart disease, cancers, strokes, run in the family, I'm not 100% sure I should follow that now. I don't know why I'm questioning it really, I didn't protein load, I usually had between 45 and 60 grams of protein per day and that's not too much, but then again I did start eating bad proteins, sausages, red meats, things like that, instead of fish and chicken. I like the raw diet but I seem to gain weight with all those carbs (fruits) and I tend to eat a whole lot more fruits and nuts than vegetables. For some reason, vegetables often give me a stomach-ache. I don't do well on straight vegetarian because I eat too many potatoes, rice, carby foods. I think I'm answering my own indecision here, I seem to do well staying on low carb and the other diet plans I over-carb.


I am in such a wishy-washy mood lately. I hate that. I do that at the end of "seasons". Seasons for me being our schedule seasons, not weather seasons. For instance, just before Christmas ended our theater, first semester season. I finally let my "have to get up and get this and this and this done NOW and keep on schedule" energy relax and right now I"m not having to think about too much extra stuff....and I know I'm going to start gearing up for our next season later this month when we start driving 6 days a week, 160+ miles every day. I think that's what is getting me brain-fried right now, knowing what is ahead and knowing it doesn't matter what the day brings, I have to make these trips and keep up with the home front too.


I've been missing Dad lately too, that doesn't help. There's so much I wish I could share with him and I think he would be so thrilled to see P. perform and know how well he's doing.


On a totally different note. I went to a friend's Chinese restaurant today. I had some rice and broccoli and some rice noodles. All carbs which is why I've got a carb headache this afternoon. It was good to see Lu though. He and P. have become good friends and talk about ancient Chinese history quite a bit. Anyway, I think the carbs are why I feel kind of loopy. Again, I seem to answer my own questions and doubts about diet. I'd love to follow the Mediterranean but there's so much wheat, of course I can still eat the seafood, beans, fruits, vegetables and nuts/seeds. And I could do that low carbing too. I make things way too difficult some days.


I'm making chili tonight. I'm glad I checked ingredients before grabbing the beans. Bush's chili beans have wheat in them. I bought red kidney beans instead. It sounds warm and comforting. I feel I need that tonight.


I KNOW WHY I"M OUT OF SORTS!!!!!!!! My Dallas Stars lost big time last night and played HORRIBLY! <_< First game I get to see on Center Ice and they played like newbies on ice! and to top it off P. and M. were talking loudly thru the whole game (those darn non-hockey people) and I finally got frustrated enough I went upstairs and watched it on the itty bitty tv that's so small you couldn't see the puck or anything else for that matter. No wonder I'm in a mood today ;)


You know, I can't stress enough how much better I feel gluten free. I feel like a different person and the great thing is those around me have noticed. I've been told I look better and look more energized. That's nice to hear. I find myself searching every ingredient of every item I buy. I didn't used to be so diligent and I could tell by my health. Oh, and I am in absolutely no ra pain at all today and haven't been for a couple of days now. What a great bonus!


January 07, 2007

Everyone is sick here but me! Hubby has tummy troubles and headcold, son has the headcold. I'm stuffed-up but no big deal. I think I'm avoiding this so far because my system is so much stronger, even with the dmards. My diet has been really good, my energy is better, my mood is definitely better. I sleep more soundly and wake rested. Everything seems to be processing thru my system better too. I know this is odd but I've noticed my hair color is brighter and shinier. I haven't changed shampoos or anything to it has to be the diet.


I can't believe I ever started eating wheat again a few years ago, of course I was low carbing and didn't know about the gluten yet. Amazing how much gluten can affect the entire body. Glad I'm getting it out of mine :)


January 3, 2007

I'm feeling very good. DH has been so wonderful about my diet now that he understands some of the consequences. That makes it much easier to cook and have him suggest meals. I have been cooking two meals the last couple of nights because h and s wanted things that had wheat in them. They haven't hassled me about eating "their" meal at all. H went to the store the other night and bought some deli fried chicken and bought me my own roasted chicken that he thoroughly checked the ingredients. He said if he thinks of my diet as strict low carbing, then it's easier to remember what I can and can not have. Hey, whatever it takes!


I've been making a lot of stir fries with chicken and shrimp and tons of vegetables. I know they're safe and healthy so I feel good about that. I can't seem to get enough seafood, that's one food I have never tired of.


We started education today. S is doing really well and tested out very highly again on a standardized test he took in October. We have to go to Lincoln tomorrow to get him some music. He's in a talent contest later this month and needs sheet music for his voice coach and accompanist (spelling?) I feel so tired tonight, I really hope I have more energy to make the drive tomorrow. It's supposed to snow again Friday so I don't want to go then.


I don't think I wrote this but my rheumy appt. went well last Friday. My sed rate and c-reactive protein levels have dropped. I think because I've been tighter with my gluten free diet. I hope this continues. The new med (plaquenil) is kicking in I think cuz I'm not hurting nearly as badly.


I'm sleepy, it's time for a cup of tea and bed.