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Too Busy



We've been working on our farm and trying to get the house ready to move into. The remodel took longer than expected, mostly because we found termite damage when we took down the thirty year old paneling and had to rebuild some walls.


We hope to move out there permanently within the month and are really looking forward to it. Driving back and forth between our houses is very tiresome...not to mention, expensive!


I write about farm life on my other blog. If you're interested, you can click on the link below. Any gardening or animal husbandry tips would be appreciated since this is all new to my husband and me.




I'm trying to stock up on gluten-free foods because there isn't much to choose from in the small east TX towns around our farm. There is one grocery store, Brookshires, in the closest town (I'm used to having a grocery store within five minutes of my house in any direction). I was pleasantly surprised to find that they stock several gluten-free items like Van's gluten-free frozen waffles, various gluten-free cookies (Pamela's and Mi-Del, for example), and some Bob's Red Mill products. Although, they didn't stock the BRM flour that I like to buy, I can probably request it since they already carry the brand.


We plan to raise most of our own food - veggies, meat, dairy - but I'll still have to rely on specialty products for grains. I bought several cases of Chebe and split them up between myself, my daughter, and my son, who has moved out into his own apartment for the first time at age 19. I stocked him up with a load of gluten-free foods in hopes that he'll try his best to remain on the diet without me cooking for him. :unsure:


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