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Wedding Plans :)



Yesterday, Chris and I went to meet with our wedding planner. Everything is coming together wonderfully. We now have a total itinerary with the planner. We also have an ice sculpture with our package and I love the design the guy made.


However, I have been dealing with car issues, and as I type my car is being looked at. Hopefully, I will not have to pay out too much money...since I am still trying to save money.


As of my nutrition, I am now in a rut! I don't really enjoy eating and I don't want to eat most days..however, I force myself. My meals usually consist of salad with italian dressing, and maybe other vegetables. None of my food is on sale at the stores near me, and I can't afford to buy them all regular price. Ugh! So...I am stuck with the basics of fresh produce, meat and corn products. I hope they go on sale soon! Because I want homemade chicken noodle soup, but the noodles are not on sale. oh well.


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