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My Story

Carri Ninja


"I'm sick but I'm pretty."

I was always told not to complain because I had it good compared to my autistic cousin and aunt with Cerebral palsy. Agreeing with this I suffered year after year silently as I could imprisoned in my own body knowing something was wrong.


So here it is about the real - sick - me. If you take the time to read this I thank you. There are several stories on this board that have been truly inspiring.

I hope I can do the same for at least one more person!


I have been sickly my entire life. I had problems with weight gain when I was an infant. I was either way to skinny or way to fat.


At age 6 it was found that I was deathly allergic to rye and many other things, but was never tested for other grains. :wacko:

Tested repeatedly for HIV {yes at age 6} and other immune deficient conditions - all were negative. {thank god} My parents were told I was just an "indoor person" because of my allergies and immune deficiencies. Allergy shots made the problems worse - after each shot I would have a softball sized lump in my arm. At 6- 12 yrs old that is humongous! I was on allergy pills that made me sleep half the day, and still wasn't any better.


At age 15 I had a Hiatal hernia, and an emergency appendectomy. I had to eat a very restricted diet and swallow some more pills.

Found out I am Allergic to Caines - the local anesthetics - when I had a seizure at the dentist office - at age 15 as well. It was a very unpleasant year lol.{family members were very concerned I was anorexic/bulimic because of the constant vomiting. I didn't like to throw up so I just ate less and less.}


At age 18 I started an even stricter vegetarian and low carb diet and had a fairly healthy year - It was amazing I thought I finally was going to be healthy and had out grown my problems like all the dr's said I would!

I even grew 2 inches!!


At age 19 I ended up with a severe protien deficiency and "had to eat other grains and meat again".

I started to get sick once more. The following year I had measles, strep 4 times, an eye infection that caused me to be to be legally blind, 12 bouts of an "unknown viral infection that will not leave your system - gotta tough it out kiddo", the flu, bronchitis for about 6 months, and 15 to 20 sinus infections.


Diagnosed with IC, IBS, extremely bad endometreosis {My uterus is folded in half and full of scar tissue, and ovulation comes only about once a year. At 15 I was told I should have a hysterectomy, but refused. I was Told I would never have children.}

At age 21 I was "lucky" enough to have a hard fall - broke my tailbone - and it shifted and opened things just enough to let me get pregnant. I was told there was a 75% chance he would be retarded. My miracle son is now 7, perfectly healthy, happy, and full of life. Little did I know at the time the reason I was so sick was due to the prenatal vitamins being pack full of gluten to "help me gain pregnancy weight". I'm 5'6" weight was 135 lbs - when I gave birth I was 108lbs. My son was 7lbs 7 oz and 19 1/2 in long. They were shocked that he had a normal birth weight because of all my weight loss.


Age 21 {2001}Heart arrhythmia and prolapsing mitral valve came with pregnancy.

I continued to suffer with the steroids, digestive, and heart problems for the next eight years getting sicker the whole time.


My brother moved in with us to help take care of the baby and me because I wasn't conscious half the time. I would eat and then pass out on the couch for the rest of the day. This caused severe depression and mood swings. I do have to say those guys put up with so much! I really do feel that they must love me so so much!


The beginning of 2008 I had another "virus" that caused my intestines and other organs to swell. I couldn't keep any food what so ever down. I started to have some clue then that it was food causing the reactions. I was tested for thyroid and diabetes again. I remember being at my husbands aunts house feeling ungodly ill. I went to the bathroom and it was solid blood. I went out and laid in the chair and dozed off. I remembered thinking, as I closed my eyes, I don't think I will be waking up from this one. About 3-4 hours had passed and my husband was shaking me quite violently to wake me and everyone was staring. I was unable to function on my own. My husband, the wonderful man that he is, took care of me the best he could. He tried to talk me into going to the ER, but I refused.


I was diagnosed Nov of 2008 with celiac -

by a friends mom - DR's tests never found the problem until after it was brought to their attention.


After I was diagnosed I convinced my mom to go gluten free and she found out she has celiac as well.


August 2009 I had a scope done to check for cancer, and it was all clear YAY.


Several of my family members have died at young ages of intestinal related issues and cancers. Genetics have not been kind in my family, but I think most of it stems from the undiagnosed/untreated celiac.


With the change in diet I am finally starting to see a difference in my life. The brain fog, pain, fatigue, and muscle weakness has almost completely subsided.


So again if you took the time to read this, thank you.

I hope I have inspired you to never give up even though it sometimes feels like the the options have ran out.


Good luck to you and may god bless you with at least one beautiful miracle like I have had.



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