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The Company That Could Care Less...



I am SO incredibly frustrated right now with one particular skin care company that I may end up screaming. Oh what the heck, I AM going to scream, "AAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH"! Well, that was mildly cathartic.

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So here's the deal. I am the manager at an upscale day spa in the San Francisco Bay Area. We carry three skin care lines and one makeup line in my office. These are both retail and professional lines. The Monday after I was diagnosed I went into work and called the reps for all of the companies we work with. I got an immediate response from the make up rep, and two of the skncare reps got back to me within 24 hours with a list of the products they carried with gluten in them. This was fabulous as not only was I using several of the products for personal care, but I am handling them at work constantly as well (now I wear gloves if I need to work with the glutened products).


The third company HAS STILL NOT ANSWERED MY QUESTION!!!! I have called the rep repeatedly...no response. I have emailed the company...a wishy washy response, but nothing definative. I emailed the head honcho of the company...no response. I mean really, this is just ridiculous! Obviously I am not personally using any of their products anymore, and I am taking precautions when handling them at work, but the frustration has not been alleviated. I am absolutely gobsmacked that a company would not only fail to respond to me as a consumer, but also fail to respond to me as a retail outlet as well. What jerks!


I just wish I could get the owner to drop the line, but at the end of the day she really does not see what the big deal is. Oh well, I will just make do with telling all of you that MD Skincare could really care less about their consumers. Hey...that felt better than the scream!


Thanks for letting me rant...meemsy


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