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Today Is Friday Feb 7th 2014, I have decided to cut all processed from my diet. I am blogging this because I want to remember the date. If in 2 months I am still having problems I will cut rice out of my diet. If two months after that I am having problems I will cut Beans out of my diet. If after 2 months after that I will cut potatoes. I am really hoping that cutting processed will be the answer I am hoping for :) Wish me luck :) So hopefully April 7th will tell.

Not sure how to keep this Blog thing. I just wanted to add to it. But cannot seem to find the tag to add. So will just add to the last statement.

It is past my 1 month "Processed Food Free" I did wonderful! It was not so bad! I still had my face swell but figured out it was my Sleep Apnea machine. Doc said turn the Humidity up. It's up as far as it will go. So I will put a humidity machine in the room.

I had Rice the other day from a box Zaterans I know it's Gluten Free but the next day it hit me. I think it's got corn. In fact, I am positive it does. I have been doing so well .. Yesterday hubbs had something that said gluten-free I said "it's not just Gluten Free" It's corn to sweetie. So If I cannot understand the ingredient or pronounce it I won't eat it. Give me 5 ingredients. That I can recognize :) If not I'm ok! I will find something. So as far as my Processed free, I think I was eating hidden Corn. Corn is pretty hard to detect. So i'm good with no processed or less processed :) Thanks everyone :)