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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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Day 4



I felt better today than I have in years. My mind was clear and I could actually concentrate on something for more than a few minutes.
Absolutely no gas or cramping, and I had more energy too. The only kink in the chain today was that Auntie Flo is in town so I had my usual back cramps and a slight headache. I had bad night sweats again last night, despite having the A/C set at 75 before going to bed. That makes three nights in a row that I got up in the middle of the night to change out of a soaked tank top.

I talked to my husband some about going to the doctor and having tests run. He still seems skeptical that celiac disease could be the cause.
I rattled off a ton of symptoms and told him that they could all be related to celiac disease. Some of it he seemed to believe, but some of it not.
He's all for me going to the doctor, but he thinks that I should take whatever the doc says as absolute truth. This from a man that won't go see a doctor for anything. *sigh*

So in preparation for doctor's visits, I started back on the gluten tonight. :( I think I'm already feeling it, too. My brain feels fuzzy, and I keep having this weird muscle twinge in my upper chest. I have the beginnings of a headache (but that could be from only having one cup of coffee today) and I'm feeling sleepy.
I have a feeling that tomorrow is not going to be a good day.

[b][i]Edited to add:[/i][/b] It's now 11pm and I feel sick. :( The cramping and bloating has begun.
Wish me luck.


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Going on and off gluten so quickly will not make any difference in your tests. You have to have been off gluten for at least six weeks for it to have any effect on your tests. If you are off gluten for an extended period of time and need to do a gluten challenge, you have to eat gluten for several days (maybe weeks, I don't remember). Also, you can have a DNA test which does not require a gluten challenge so that you don't have to go through the discomfort of eating gluten just to see your doctor or be tested.

Insist that your doctor test you even though he may object and tell you that "celiac disease is rare".

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Interesting. I have been told that even being off gluten for a full week could be enough to skew blood test results, depending on how much damage there is in the intestines and how quickly your body begins to heal it.

I do know about the DNA testing and that it doesn't require a gluten challenge, but I was concerned that my insurance wouldn't pay for it unless it was ordered by a doctor, so I figured I'd go the blood test/biopsy route first.

I had planned on insisting on the celiac panel, as I'm almost certain that gluten is the issue now. I felt pretty darn good for 4 days, and then after my glutening last night (and this morning) I feel terrible again. :(

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