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  1. I just made those brownies for my dd and they were so good!!!!!!!!!!!! It was my 1st venture in gluten-free baking!
  2. Butter Cream Icing?

    Thanks again everyone! Julie M Not sure what I am going to do just looking for ideas to make her not miss out on the little kid bday cake thing you know? Personally I have this weird thing with red food coloring and red anything (mm,sprinkles etc.)LOL So I love my DD but I want a peice too so I am not sure if I will do the food coloring but as a little girl she loves pink! LOL
  3. We bought those! My DD loves them she took one for snack at school today!
  4. Sorry your DD is having a hard time. My DD whi will be 8 in 2 weeks was diagnosed in the beginning of September. So far she has been great about the lunches but I still feel bad. What we do is I always ask her what she wants for lunch and if possible I make that. thankfully her friends ahve been great about helping her be ok with home lunches. There has been a few times with eating out wher eI felt really bad and gave her the choice to eat out and chance it or have mommy make something at home and most of the time she has been asking me to make something.
  5. Thanks Andie! My DS is perfectly fine after going off Zyrtec. He turned 5 at the end of July and just started sounding out words the other day! a few months ago we couldn't figure out why he was 'off' and a simple change in meds and he is a totally different kid! It is amazing!
  6. Butter Cream Icing?

    thankS! Sue. Thanks! Have you tried food coloring in it? I was wondering if I could maybe make it pink for my DD? David your cakes looks so yummy! I am tempted to try one but gluten-free cooking is still new to me so for now I will try the box mixes and will certianly move on to one of yours
  7. My DD is turning 8 next week and this is her 1st gluten-free bday so I wanted to make her a gluten-free cake. We love butter cream frosting does any one have a good gluten-free recipe? We did find a bakery in the city that sells gluten-free cup cakes so hubby might go get them for her the friday before her party but it might be a project. I am happy to here that there is a gluten-free bakery in my area though!
  8. I am thrilled you DS is doing better that is wonderful! I do have to say though fruther testing after blood work is a very personal choice. We chose to do the scope with my DD and we are glad we did as hard as it was seeing her go through it to us it was worth it. Yes we were vERY lucky and it took us all of 3 weeks from the 1st blood test to the final results of the scope to know she was Celiac. So yes we are VERY lucky. Maybe if I had gone through what others have gone through I might feel different who knows? Certainly don't beat your self up for the wait to try gluten-free. I understand my DS was on Zyrtec since he was 15 months and he was very slow at everything. So much so we were thinking of testing for a learning disability and the dr agreed. Then a chance conversation with some one I casualy knew prompted me to try a different allergy med and I I now have a different child! He is sharp as a tac, fast almost hyper and isn't sluggish any more. He is the child he shoudl ahve always been! So I wasted 4 yrs of my sond prime learning yrs having him in a fog. Sure I feel guilty but I am more thankful I caught it before he started kindergarten this yr. Keep up the good work getting the word out there on gluten-free!
  9. You did not over react! Glad you used it as a teachable moment! Good for you! My Jersey attitude would ahve been screaming at every one and my happy butt would ahve marched to talk to the princlipal while hubby to my dd home. LOL So i think you handled it wonderfully! I hope you DD is feeling better!
  10. What great ideas! This is our 1st halloween gluten-free. so far my dd (7) hasn't questioned anything so i am not setting up a back up plan but I will certainly keep these in the back of my mind just incase! Thanks! That list would be wonderful is it could be posted.
  11. Welcome! I am thrilled to hear Carter is doing so well! Did the rest of your family end up getting tested?
  12. October 15 - Cnn

    http://www.celiaccentral.org/Newsletter/Ne...ac_Stories/304/ Here are some stories I found that cnn did
  13. with my DD we use a thermouswhen ever she has a hot meal to bring. My concern which I have discussed with this board is the what if she forgets he lunch and I can't bring her one. The nurse and the cafeteria people weren't as helpful as I was hioping with the school lunches or with heating up a lunch if she forgot hers. So thakfully her teacehr said she would do it in the what if situation. I am very tempted to put the 504 plan in place but I haven't yet. For those of you that have the 504 plan doe sit help with other children too? Or would it just be for my DD? DH thinks I am crazy and shouldn't bother for the what if case.
  14. Sarah, WOw I can't imagine how taken back you where by your dr mentioning Biopolr! I would be just as terrified and scared as i can imagine you are. I am sure you will do what ever is needed to help Ezra. Is that your little Darth Vader? That is great about your dr being so knowlagable! I know I feel blessed to have some great drs and I love hearing about other great drs. Right now just take everything with a grain of salt put him on a gluten-free diet and if he makes great strides then you ahve your answers. Then I would just monitor him and keep the biopolor in the abck of your mind and look for signs. One of the other posters mentioned red dye making a child go 'wild' when my DD was smaller orange juice used to make her litterly change from a loving sweet kid to a real night mare she would be angry and nasty and just not the same kid! It was the oddest thing! I should have clued in right there how food can change your mood and affect your body. Hang in there and just know we are here to support you during this next step
  15. We went to Pf Changs for the 1st time since DD was dx. she ordered the ginger chickan and broccoli. It was amazing she eat it all up! The waitress was a bit of a ditz and the place was crowded so I was nervous but she was fine after so I was thrilled!