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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Mellow Mushroom Restuarant

    I ate there in Durham, NC 2 years ago and didn't like it. I don't like bean flours at all, and they use bean flours in their crust. I felt safe eating there in terms of knowledgeable servers and cross-contamination issues, but I just can't past that bean flour taste.
  2. Outback = No More Bloomin Onion

    That's too bad. I went to this location when I was in town this past February. I had the coconut shrimp and the chicken entree. Honestly, the only reason I would go back is for the coconut shrimp because the chicken was blah, but if they've discontinued the gluten-free menu, then I have no need to ever go back. No more menus at the stand? Come on!
  3. The Happy Tart Bakery In Northern Virginia!

    I visited the Happy Tart the same day of my last post. I guess you could say I was desperate for a cupcake! I combined this trip with a visit to the Homemade Pizza Company, and I was able to park in the lot behind the pizza place. The Happy Tart owner was very nice! I asked if they used any chickpea or garbanzo bean flour (which I can't stand) in the items, and she said that they don't. Yay! I got 2 cupcakes - a salted caramel and a s'mores. Both were delicious. I wanted to go back today, but they close at 4 so I'm out of luck. Definitely a keeper! Mt. Vernon Avenue seems to have a lot of foot traffic, so I have the bakery can stick around.
  4. The Happy Tart Bakery In Northern Virginia!

    Thanks for the recommendation! Whenever I go to Del Ray, I go to the Homemade Pizza Company. It will be nice to stop by the bakery on the way home to pick up some desserts.
  5. Subway

    I eat a salad at Subway at least once a week, and I never had any problems. I guess I was lucky! Now that I think about it though, CC could really be a problem.
  6. Downtown Disney Experience...

    I'll definitely give Wolfgang Puck's and Babycakes a try! All gluten-free eaters seem to rave about the Earl of Sandwich, but I don't think they have gluten-free bread yet.
  7. Gluten Free In Dc?

    Birch and Barley (birchandbarley.com) on 14th Street used to have a gluten-free menu, but I don't see it on their menu anymore. You might try giving them a call. Cafe Atlantico (www.cafeatlantico.com) accommodates gluten-free diners. They have great mojitos and guacamole if you're just looking for something to eat at the bar. Firefly (www.firefly-dc.com) has a gluten-free menu. They recently hosted the local gluten-free meetup dinner. Papa Razzi (www.paparazzitrattoria.com) in Georgetown serves gluten-free pasta Rosa Mexicano (www.rosamexicano.com) is another option. The Source: I don't believe they have a gluten-free menu, but they were able to accommodate me with no problem. http://www.wolfgangpuck.com/restaurants/fine-dining/3941 Mixt Greens (www.mixtgreens.com) if you're looking for a place to go for lunch Zengo (www.richardsandoval.com/zengodc/) has a gluten-free menu as well Let me know if you need more recommendations!
  8. Chick Fil A

    I used to eat at CFA at least once a week. (Shame on me!) I don't eat there as often anymore because its not as convenient to my job as it used to be. I wonder if the employees at your local restaurant weren't being careful. The only problem I had was that I asked for a grilled chicken breast and the cashier gave me fried instead, and of course I didn't notice it until I got back to work and opened the package. Other than that, I've had no problem except for the long lines!
  9. Little Problem At Miami

    Yes, the usual chain restaurants are in Miami. I used to go to Pollo Tropical a lot when I lived in Miami a long time ago. They list their allergy info their website (www.pollotropical.com). I'm guessing that a lot of Cuban and other Caribbean food would be gluten free as long as you're not getting the breaded stuff. You'll find lots of chicken, rice, fresh fish, beans, yucca, plantains. The no-nos would be Jamaican beef patties, pastelitos, Cuban pork sandwiches, and conch fritters.
  10. I just read that PF Chang's expanded their gluten-free menu. New additions include Mongolian beef, shrimp with lobster sauce, and fried rice. I'm happy about this because there was such little variety before, but now it seems like they have everything covered. http://www.pfchangs.com/menu/ and click on Gluten Free
  11. Jamaica

    I went to a destination wedding this past July at the Rock House Hotel in Negril. I did well the entire weekend - no reactions at all. I didn't speak with the hotel staff before my arrival, but I'm not sure why I didn't! I could have but instead I just took a chance. It worked out well for me anyway, but it probably would have been good for me to get some info beforehand. The food at the hotel was good. I was dying to eat some of the items on the menu (I absolutely love coconut shrimp), but some of them were breaded so I knew they were no-nos. The fried plantains looked like they were deep-fried with a light coating so I didn't eat them either. I'm used to them just being fried in a pan naked. I don't like conch but the conch fritters are obviously off limits. I think I ate jerk chicken each day of the trip. We ate it at the hotel, at a restaurant down the street and in Montego Bay. Good stuff. At the wedding reception, everything seemed to be naturally gluten-free except for the bread. There was fresh seafood including gigantic lobsters and grilled mahi-mahi, a few different kinds of salad, grilled chicken, rice and beans. I can try and find my pictures of the food if you want. The only thing that I missed out on was dessert - I just ate fresh fruit. If you have any questions, please let me know!
  12. Gluten Free In San Fran

    During the week, one of my friends at the conference rented a car which is how we got to the Cliff House. My friend came into town (with a car!) at the end of the week so we were able to eat at places all around town. That was definitely helpful. Good luck and let us know where you go!
  13. Disney World

    I think you can still do the dining plan even if you are gluten-free. The key with the dining plan is being prepared. You have to have a plan so that you don
  14. Disney World

    Hi there, Where will you be staying? I went in October of 2008 and 2009. I don't think you can lose with the service at the table service restaurants. In 2008, we ate at California Grill and Jiko. This past year, we ate at California Grill, Kona Cafe, Narcoosee's, and Whispering Canyon Cafe. The service was best at Whispering Canyon Cafe, but the food was the best at Narcoosee's. I think our server was very rushed at Kona. She wasn't bad, but she seemed to be overwhelmed - it was a busy night. I think if you eat a counter service meal in one of the resort food courts, you will plenty of options. For instance, the food court at Port Orleans Riverside has a pasta bar, burgers, pizza, and a carving station. They also have a lot of options for breakfast, but beware because it can be a zoo in the morning! The counter service restaurant at Animal Kingdom Lodge didn't have as many options. I'm not sure how the other deluxe resorts are with their counter service choices. If you want specific menu recommendations, please let me know! I can tell you what I had and point you in the direction of some reviews and blogs as well. As long as you are prepared and you give Disney notice that you will be coming to town, you shouldn't have any problems! Like Chell said, don't wait to make your dinner reservations!
  15. Disney World

    Disney really is the best! I went in October and I'm headed back this May. I can't wait to try new restaurants and my new favorite - Narcoosee's. I'd really like to try the Wave as well. Chell, do you post on Disboards on the gluten-free threads? Your name sounds familiar!