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  1. ChickensDon'tClap

    Mellow Mushroom Restuarant

    I ate there in Durham, NC 2 years ago and didn't like it. I don't like bean flours at all, and they use bean flours...
  2. ChickensDon'tClap

    Outback = No More Bloomin Onion

    That's too bad. I went to this location when I was in town this past February. I had the coconut shrimp and the chicken...
  3. ChickensDon'tClap

    The Happy Tart Bakery In Northern Virginia!

    I visited the Happy Tart the same day of my last post. I guess you could say I was desperate for a cupcake! I combined...
  4. ChickensDon'tClap

    The Happy Tart Bakery In Northern Virginia!

    Thanks for the recommendation! Whenever I go to Del Ray, I go to the Homemade Pizza Company. It will be nice to stop...
  5. ChickensDon'tClap


    I eat a salad at Subway at least once a week, and I never had any problems. I guess I was lucky! Now that I think about...
  6. ChickensDon'tClap

    Downtown Disney Experience...

    I'll definitely give Wolfgang Puck's and Babycakes a try! All gluten-free eaters seem to rave about the Earl of Sandwich...
  7. ChickensDon'tClap

    Gluten Free In Dc?

    Birch and Barley (birchandbarley.com) on 14th Street used to have a gluten-free menu, but I don't see it on their menu...
  8. ChickensDon'tClap

    Chick Fil A

    I used to eat at CFA at least once a week. (Shame on me!) I don't eat there as often anymore because its not as convenient...
  9. ChickensDon'tClap

    Little Problem At Miami

    Yes, the usual chain restaurants are in Miami. I used to go to Pollo Tropical a lot when I lived in Miami a long time...
  10. I just read that PF Chang's expanded their gluten-free menu. New additions include Mongolian beef, shrimp with lobster...
  11. ChickensDon'tClap


    I went to a destination wedding this past July at the Rock House Hotel in Negril. I did well the entire weekend - no...
  12. ChickensDon'tClap

    Gluten Free In San Fran

    During the week, one of my friends at the conference rented a car which is how we got to the Cliff House. My friend...
  13. ChickensDon'tClap

    Disney World

    I think you can still do the dining plan even if you are gluten-free. The key with the dining plan is being prepared...
  14. ChickensDon'tClap

    Disney World

    Hi there, Where will you be staying? I went in October of 2008 and 2009. I don't think you can lose with the service...
  15. ChickensDon'tClap

    Disney World

    Disney really is the best! I went in October and I'm headed back this May. I can't wait to try new restaurants and...