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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Just Not Sleepy/tired!

    I relate to the buzzing/wired fatigue after being glutened. I slept for 1.5 hours the other night after eating a regular pizza (am meant to be still eating gluten until my biopsy but am going on and off it depending on what work i have on) then was a zombi the next day. The next night i got some sleep, but woke up in a cold sweat twice. Its a if its stimulating/irritating my CNS. From past experiences this buzzed/wired fatigue will turn into around 3 days where i sleep 12+ hours a night and still feel tired during the day. This is what normally happens.
  2. Yea I too get extremely tired and can literally sleep for 14+ hours and still want more after eating gluten. It is the only real symptom i get from it. I have been to groups and normally celiacs have other symptoms that dominate there complaints, so I'll often assume i must not have it and go eat some gluten, then bang 3-4days of extreme tiredness. I am booked in for my biopsy, so am meant to be eating gluten still but I can't eat it and do my degree so will put the testing off till after uni (will gluten chalenge before it for a couple of months). Glad to see theres others with similar symptoms to me, makes me feel like i should really be giving the gluten free diet a go even if the biopsy comes back negative.
  3. Does The Insomnia Get Better?

    Hi. my sleep patterns are very similar to yours, often waking at 3-4am and not being able to fall back to sleep untill just before my alarm goes off where I have to hit it and sleep in. Gluten tends to make it worse, one of the only obvious symptoms apart from fatigue that i get after eating gluten. Do you have to get up at any particular time in the morning, or are you allowed to go back to sleep and sleep in? I watched a program the other night about an australian insomnia solution (forget the name) that had a very good success rate which worked on improving sleep effiency by reducing the number of hours you allow yourself to sleep, and increasing them slowly once your sleep becomes more efficient. I am going to try this as I am a student and allow myself to sleep in to whenever I like, so often am in bed for over 12 hours, with as much as half of that in a half asleep, half awake daze. 3+ awakenings per night is normal for me, and I remember a lot dreams so I'm guessing my sleep is not that deep and by restricting my 'in bed time' it may train my body to make better use of its time asleep. Just a suggestion you may try if you're in a situation where you give yourself a lot of 'in bed' time but still suffer from insomnia
  4. I can relate to these experinces, especially the length of time for the alcohol to be removed from my system. Last new years I had a breath tester with me (good quality one), and at noon the next day i was still twice the legal limit while all my mates who drunk as much as me had zero breath alcohol. At 5pm that evening i was still blowing over the limit. Had to wait till the next day before i made the trip home. (was still eating gluten at this stage also, and was still experincing my major symptom of fatigue/brain fog) I would love to blame my gluten intollerence for this poor metabolism of alcohol. At a guess you could say that the hightened immune system responding to the gluten weakens your ability to rid the alcohol (similar to when you drink with the flu, my mate did this recently and blacked out and was still 'drunk' the next day). Be interested to hear how other celiacs deal with alcohol. Ive pretty much given up drinking as it was shocked to think what it would do to your body having elevated blood alcohol for 24+ hours
  5. Hi, Am having an extremely bad day today, and for last 2 days have been tired and unabe to think, read. Clumbsy etc. Had positive gliadin bloods about 2months ago, been gluten free since then. (biopsy booked but live in a useless country where anything like that takes several months to get done, so not waiting till then before stopping gluten) Ate some potato crockets (3 of them) with a steak the other night, and my mother has made me a pasta dish (gluten free) which ive been eating last two days also (and have upset stomach immediately after, think it might be the cheese/milk). Anyway last few days have not been able to work, think, anything. Angry all the time. Puffy dry eyes, mouth ulcers, sleeping 10+ hours feeling extremely groggy. Dont want to do anytihng. Is this likely a result of the very small amount of gluten in the potato crockets and if so when can i get back to being normal? Any insight would be greatly appreciated, thanks