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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. If anyone lives near a Woodman's store (Northern IL/Wisconsin grocery chain), they now stock gluten-free Rice Krispies (in the 'regular' cereal aisle for $2.99) and the new Udi's hamburger buns (freezer, $3.99/package).
  2. I've been a migraine sufferer since age 5. I only get them now when I ingest gluten - it is actually one of my later symptoms. They really aren't nearly as severe or long lasting as they used to be (pre-gluten free). I remember they would last for days and would get so bad I would vomit. Not anymore - they rarely last longer than one night (I usually need a lot of sleep for them to go away). I'm thinking your migraines are gluten-related, also.
  3. I'm 5'6", which is about average for my family. Interestingly, the only other person in my family with a diagnosis is my grandma who is about 4'10".
  4. I will be staying in Jacksonville, Florida from Jan 24 - Jan 28 for a work function - any dining and/or grocery shopping suggestions? Thanks!
  5. I actually lost weight - and fast. I had always been really skinny, but in the 6 months before diagnosis I gained 40lbs (up to 155 lbs - I am 5'6"). Then when I was diagnosed, I lost about 20 lbs really quickly. Since, I have still been losing steadily and am now at a healthy 123. I think I have clothes that range from size 2 to size 12...
  6. I like the chocolate KinniTOOS (very similar to Oreos).
  7. I also subscribe & save on Amazon. I like the Oskri bars & the Bumble Bars, but those are very rare treats. You can also get gluten-free Bisquick for just over $4 a box. Dry beans are much cheaper & have way less sodium. I only buy produce that is on sale - so this time of year, a lot of cabbage, bananas are always cheap around here, apples right now, clementines. I really only shop at the international grocery store (half of it is produce) and occasionally Aldi (Aldi for my non-gluten-free fiance - they do label some items gluten free, too). I found that cutting back on meat really lowered our grocery bill. Same with convenience foods - neither of us eat cereal anymore. Eggs are an easy and cheap breakfast. Since it is just the two of us, and I don't like to waste food, I freeze a lot & try to go at least one week a month without grocery shopping. I also stock up on meat when it is on sale. I make crustless quiche and crustless cheesecake - that way I don't spend $6 on a box of pie crust mix. I actually just purchased Mark Bittman's "How to Cook Everything" (not a gluten free-specific cookbook) - that gave me a lot of ideas for cheaper meals - he has a lot of bean and/or rice based dishes. And a lot that are naturally gluten free. I do buy a lot of produce (like I said, only what is on sale) and he pretty much has recipes for every type of fruit & vegetable. Definitely worth perusing through if you are looking to expand your repertoire.
  8. I like CO Bigelow's Mentha Lip Shines (from Bath & Body Works) - the Ultra is amazing.
  9. I was very colicky, too. Interesting article about a study relating colic & celiac: http://celiachometest.typepad.com/celiac_home_test/2009/08/colic-in-babies-could-lead-to-celiac-disease.html My mom is convinced that because of the colic (& other telltale symptoms), my pediatrician should have tested for celiac sometime in the 18 years I saw him.
  10. Just let them rise & baked them in the oven. I don't think I ever had a successful loaf pre-breadmaker.
  11. RE: Keratosis Pilaris - my derm actually told me that KP can itch because it manifests through dry skin blocking the follicule/pore. Not sure if that is true or not, but for me, these bumps itch really bad & I end up with scars.
  12. My go-to is always dump cake. So easy, so bad for you, and everyone loves it. I want to stick to something easy this year because I have to make a whole gluten free meal for my fiance's family.
  13. Another vote for gluten-free Pantry - definitely the best I have tried.
  14. I also have a Cuisinart with a gluten free option - it works great. No more teeny tiny brick-like loaves for me!
  15. It all depends who I am speaking to - if I am at a restaurant, I say "gluten allergy" (and sometimes the server will say "Oh you have Celiac?"). If it is someone I come in contact with often, I will explain it - I usually say "I have celiac disease" and go into a long, detailed, often TMI description of it . On the other hand, my fiance just says "Monica is a silly" and leaves it at that.