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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. oh.. Thanks for the explanation. I had no idea what that comment was all about.
  2. Ok.... my brother in law is into holistic medicine gave me a bottle of these pills with the best of intentions.... They are NOW Gluten Digest. The bottle says they help digest gluten but the warning says in bold: If you have Celiac Disease - do not use unless under a doctors care. I'm positive for Celiac (blood test and endo) so I am not trying anything without talking to my doctor, but as I'm sure you can all atest to..... doctors dont live it as we do so I'm not sure what to think. Will he have a clue or just say no? I figured the best place to start to ask was here with all my fellow Celiac-ers Anyone ever hear of these pills? Take them? Know anyone who has??? Thanks a bunch Harley
  3. Wow! Pain In Left Side - What Happened?

    Hello BEfore I got diagnosed (positive blood & endo) I went to my doctor with a great number of symptoms that I had never had before; one being a severe pain on my left side under my rib cage. After being told I did have Celiac, he also said that I had a virus. I never heard of this so I am just quoting what he said. "a virus can cause imflamation of the tissue between the rib cage and cause great pain and discomfort". A virus can also bring out Celiac that may or may not have been brewing for a while. I had swelling of the esophagus and gastritis (probably because the Celiac had just made itself known) yet I was unaware of it and was eating all kinds of gluten filled foods. He put me on prescription Prilosec and a gluten free diet which really helped. Having said that: I have accidently gotten glutened and a few times... the left side pain has temporarily returned. Sorry.. its probably not much help, but you are defintely NOT alone with the severe left side pain. Good Luck Harley
  4. Its good to know I'm not the only one. It's funny that the left arm is the only one that gets affected. I felt stupid telling my Dr that before I knew what was wrong but it was always only the left arm! Do you ever suffer from the chest pains? It mimics a heart attack with the left arm, chest pains and before it was really hard to breathe. I had gastritis & esophagitis because of the celiacs which had everything so swelled up that maybe it put added pressure that area. Harley
  5. So after being gluten-free for three weeks I got glutened last night. (small bowl of frosted flakes before reading "malt" and one small bite of regular mac and cheese). I have been so careful for three weeks and am starting to notice the positive side effects until screwing up yesterday. (I wont make that mistake again). Anyway hours into the day I noticed I had a headache, but not much else, so I thought maybe I had tricked by body into not noticing. WRONG! BY the end of the night I had the worse migraine EVER and felt sick to my stomach, had minor chest pain and limb tingleness. No cramps or D. This morning ALL is well again. Obviously I had been glutened but I was just wondering if anyone else has had similiar things happen, especially the headache and chest pain. I seriously doubt it was a coincidence. The chest pain was a bad symptom I had before being diagnosed (positive BT & Endo) and by process of elimination (before I knew what was wrong I had gone to the ER due to bad chest pains and numbness in my left arm) they tested my heart (EJG/heart monitor and stress test) and it was fine. I was just wondering if anyone else has had similiar issues. Thanks Harley
  6. I agree that she must not have been very knowledgable on Celiacs because what I have read on here over and over and read in other places is: If gluten-free makes you feel better than do it. Its not like taking meds for a condition you dont have but simply taking a specific thing out of your diet that you know bothers you. You made alot of sense with the doctors not wanting to "let you try and cure yourself" because this may have you feeling better and NOT needing their services. And yes unfortunately it is about the almighty dollar with some doctors...... Thanks Harley
  7. Hello I have Celiacs too and have been gluten free for three weeks. I accidently got glutened yesterday for the first time since going gluten free and I could not beleive what happened. I started out with a headache that gradually got worse throughout the day and by the time I went to bed last night was a full blown migraine and I was quite sick to my stomach and was pretty bad. The kicker was I was making regular mac and cheese for the kids and not even thinking scooped up the last bite in the bowl and ate it before thinking WHOOOPS. Earlier in the day I had a very small bowl of Frosted Flakes before seeing that it had malt in it- a NO NO for gluten-free. My point is the chance that the curry at your friends house or possible any other very minor thing could have triggered you. It could also be the touch of a bug as you stated tis the season. I guess I learned yesterday that the smallest thing can make you very sick and it can come out in very different ways (like I didnt really have the cramps or D from being glutened yesterday but had the wicked headache ending in a migraine). You have been gluten-free for 1.5 years and I my guess is your body is now so sensitive to gluten that a small amount will set you up for being ill. I hope today finds you feeling better! Harley
  8. Those are my thoughts as well. Will a blood test be negative if you have a sensitivty to gluten but not actually celiac disease? Did I mention that the Dietician does not have Celiacs? No disrespect but she doesnt know how bad it can get and if giving up gluten can fix the problems, I have to disagree with her. Thanks so much. I just wanted some opinions! Harley
  9. Yes my thoughts exactly. I complained when I found out what I was diagnosed with but once I started feeling better (very recently) I wouldnt go back now. A one year old with celiac disease? Oh my. That must be tough. Poor little thing. Best of luck to your lil sister Harley
  10. I am with you on that for sure. Its like if you know lets say chili does not sit well with you then.... dont eat it and I think that would be the same for gluten. My husband (unfortunately) refuses the gluten-free diet because he tested negative. I personally think he is just in denial but I cant force him to eat what I am forced to. All I know is I have finally started feeling better being 100% gluten-free!!
  11. Hello Everyone I was diagnosed with celiac disease with a positive blood test and Endoscopy and went to a Dietician for some advice. What she said struck me as odd and I wanted some of your opinions. I was asking about my husband having similiar GI issues but he had tested negative (blood test only) She said that people who have not had positive diagnosis should NOT do a gluten free diet!!! I did not ask "But what about false positives?" I figure if being gluten free makes you feel better than why not? I am just wondering why she would have said that. When I did ask her why she said because gluten-free diets are too restrictive and you should only do it if you have that DX for certain..... What do you all think??? Harley
  12. Hello I had the same problem and had not yet been tested for Celiacs. The hard to breath feeling was accompanied by that extremely full feeling and heartburn. When they did my endoscopy (positive for celiac disease) they found Gastritis & esophagitis (sp) which are both inflammation of the stomach and esophagus. GI dr said it was most likely brought on by the celiacs and put me on presribed prilosec and the problem lessoned up and I am breathing much better! Good Luck
  13. Hi Kristen Its good that you have started to feel better...finally. It really is frustrating when you seem to be doing everything right and you still feel bad. Sometimes I think maybe I should just say the he** with the positive diagnosis and eat what I want (since I;m feeling bad anyways) but then the rational logical voice deep in my head says " DOnt be stupid..this could kill ya"... so alas I make it thru another gluten free day. I have good days (physically feeling better, then a bad day will creep in). Hope I'm not getting too personal but I have noticed that I cant go to the bathroom nearly as easily as I used to! UGH!! Thats really not good, but I guess my body is just making a huge adjustment!!! Nancy