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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I got glutened a little over a week ago. It took me a couple days to feel the effects but they came in the form or diarrhea, headaches, fatigue, and anxiety. During this time I also developed a sinus infection. It took a few days then I started feeling better. Now a little over a week after I got glutened I'm having another set of diarrhea, nausea and fatigue. This has happened to me before and I always assumed I was glutened again but I have been eating at home and very careful. I don't think it is another glutening but maybe when I feel better I start eating more that might aggravate my gut? or do you think it might have to do with my sinus infection? I didn't take anything but mucinex. Does this "aftershock" happen to anyone else?
  2. Since I have celiacs I had my son tested for the he genetic markers and his results came back that he had none of the genetic markers for celiacs. I kept him gluten free for about a year and a half. After the tests I introduced gluten and monitered his behavior, bowel movements and any sign of pain. I never saw anything different. The thing that makes me worry is he is so skinny and has only gained 2 pounds in one year! He is 3 1/2 now and weighs 27 lbs and about 32 inches tall. The pediatrician never has mentioned his weight to be a problem but I just see all the other kids his age taller and heavier than him. He is not as physically active as other kids his age too. His father and I are both skinney small people too so I didn't start to worry until a few months ago. And we probably have a better daily diet than most people since I do all the cooking. Am I just a worried first time mother or should I get blood testing? The only reason I haven't done it yet is because the insurance doesn't cover it and the labs here in Puerto Rico don't have the latest full panel blood testing available.
  3. What Supplements Do Take?

    I take 15000 IU of D3 Chlorophyll complex Vitamin C My wellness dr put me on all these and they help a lot. My vitamin D is back in range, the chlorophyll complex coats my intestine, reduces inflammation and reduces my nausea.
  4. Anti-Depressants!

    I am taking sertraline the generic of Zoloft and I called greenstone/Pfizer to ask if they are gluten free and soy free and they said the medications might contain both gluten and soy! One of the ingredients could be made with wheat and they don't know what the manufacturer uses. The same for soy. I have bad anxiety when I get glutened and I recently have been sick over and over and I don't know why. I now suspect it might be my meds. I don't know if I should stop the meds and put up with the anxiety until I get better or stay on the meds and hope it is something else and I get better. If you find an antidepressant that is gluten free let me know. I can't believe medications still contain allergens. It doesn't make sense.
  5. Thank you your suggestions. I called the manufacturer for my medicine (sertraline by greenstone) and they said they could NOT verify that it is gluten free or soy free because they use some products that could be made from wheat or soy. So now I'll look for an alternative. In the past I found out I have polyps in my gallbladder so I will get that checked again soon to see if their are any changes or concerns. I will also cut out dairy to see if that helps.
  6. I have been gluten free for 6 years now and was doing really well until I got a bad glutening about 6 months ago. Since then I have gotten better only to get sick over and over again. I would get sick for about a week then feel better for about a week and get sick again! This has been happening for months now. I went to my wellness dr and he suspected I have a soy allergy now so I have been avoiding soy for a week but I'm sick again! I have been eating some processed foods but I always make sure it is certified gluten free and I check for soy now too. I don't think it's cross contamination, I'm pretty good about that. I also wonder if it is my anxiety. I get bad anxiety when glutened and since I have been sick so much I've been have lots of anxiety. Do you think my anxiety is causing my diarrhea? I'm just so sick of being sick now and miss the days I felt healthy and happy. Has anyone had a similar experience? Any suggestions on what I should do? How many of you developed a soy allergy years after tolerating soy ? For now I'm going to eat clean, no processed food, and talk to my shrink about upping my anxiety meds.
  7. I have been gluten free for six years now after being very ill for about a year and tried a gluten free diet. I got better and never looked back. I went to see a GI doctor and he didn't run any tests since I was already on the diet. Six years later I got the wrong bun at a restaurant and got very ill. As bad as I was before finding out I can't eat gluten and I went to see a different GI doctor and he did the blood tests and an endoscopy. I remained on the gluten free diet but I was thinking since I got so sick maybe the test would show something. All tests came back negative. I don't know if I should consider that to mean I have non-celiac gluten sensitivity or the tests didn't work since I wasn't on a gluten challenge (I refuse to eat gluten intentionally). So my question is are there some symptoms diagnosed celiac's have that don't appear in non-celiac gluten sensitivity people? Or vice versa? When I get glutened my symptoms are Headache Nausea Anxiety Fatigue Diarrhea Gas and Bloating Weight Loss Brain Fog I just want to know because I know that with a celiac diagnosis you need to be aware that it is associated with other autoimmune diseases and a higher risk of certain cancers. I just don't want to rule celiac out and not be vigilant about my health concerns.
  8. I'm sorry to hear of your recent gluten incident. I recently got a bad gluten attack when the "gluten free friendly" restaurant gave me the wrong hamburger bun! It was the most gluten I've had since going gluten free. Unfortunately I was sick for weeks. A normal cross contamination would put me out for a few days but this one was way worse. I don't want to scare you I want to let you know how I got through it. I always crave fruit when glutened so I make lots of smoothies. Use plain fruit and add vitamins. The brand "Naked" makes good fruit smoothies but DO NOT drink the green one. It has wheat grass
  9. Yesterday I ate a lot of blue cheese that said gluten free. Today I have cramps and feel bloated. Normally when I get glutened I don't have cramps so I'm confused. About a month ago I was glutened pretty badly so I'm wondering maybe I might sensitive to too much dairy since I'm still healing or do you think it is gluten with a new symptom. But doesn't lactose intolerance normally show symptoms within a couple of hours not a full day? Has anyone else had a sensitivity when eating too much blue cheese?
  10. I have been successfully gluten free for 6 years then I accidentally ate the wrong hamburger bun and I got very sick. Almost as sick as I was when I first discovered I have celiac disease. I lost a lot of weight and I am not big to start with. I was wondering for those people who lose weigh during a gluten attack how do you re-gain the weight? Protein shakes? Eating more? I also have high cholesterol so I don't want to just eat dairy and bacon. I try to eat nuts and have a healthy diet but it is hard for me to gain the weight. Any suggestions will help. Thanks
  11. Weight Gain

    I am 5ft 3in tall, Yeah I've had a few ultrasounds and everything looks good. My doctor hasn't mentioned anything about my weight but all the books I read say I should be at a higher weight by now. I am probably just too worried, this is my first child and I've had a miscarriage a year ago so I on edge.
  12. Weight Gain

    I am 6 months pregnant and I have only gained 10 lbs and although I am a skinny, short person I feel like I'm not gain enough weight during my pregnancy. I have been gluten-free for 3 years. When I discovered I had celiacs I had already lost about 15 lbs due to gluten, although I feel 100% better on the gluten-free diet I never gained much weight back. Now I am pregnant and I worry I am not gaining enough. I try to eat multiple times a day and I eat peanut butter and ice cream alot. Does anyone else have a problem gaining weight on the gluten-free diet? Or does anyone have suggestions of what to eat to pack on some pounds?
  13. Discovering New Gluten Free Foods

    Whenever a recipe calls for bread crumbs I use crushed up Rice Works Gourmet Brown Rice Crisps. I find them at CostCo they are in a blue bag. I just crush them up and use the crumbs for things like meatloaf, chicken fried steak, stuffed mushrooms, chicken parmesan, meatballs, etc. They are good alone so you don't need to add much salt, just some pepper or herbs if you want.
  14. Hello everyone, I have recently discovered a website and book that has help me tremendously with my anxiety. I have suffered with anxiety for about 10 years with panic attacks off and on. I have been stable when taking Zoloft but when I would try to reduce my dosage my anxiety would come back. Since I have been gluten-free my anxiety symptoms have reduced but I still struggled from time to time. Since the forum on this site has helped me so much dealing with Celiac disease I went online to find a forum for anxiety sufferers. I found the site below. http://www.anxietynomore.co.uk/the_book.html Although they don
  15. Gluten-Free In Belize

    I recently came back from a wonderful trip to Belize. I was there for 9 days and I am a sensitive celiac and I did very well. First I stayed in Placencia at the Laru Beya. The restaurant there was good and had a nice selection. I ate the ceviche but I used my own crackers, (it comes with corn chips but I wasn't sure it was 100% corn or fried in tainted oil, etc.). I ate the special of that night of grilled fish with a fresh veggie and herb mixture on top with rice and veggies. I ate a simple breakfast of a fried egg, bacon and coffee. The last meal I had there was the curry fish. I asked if they used soy sauce and they said no, so I tried it but by the end of the meal I was not feeling well. I did get a little sick from that so I do not recommend eating the curry. Other than that everything I had at the restaurant was delicious, the staff was helpful and nice and I didn't get glutened. In the town of Placencia I had a wonderful smoothie and ceviche (with my gluten-free crackers) at The Shack. They have a large menu and the cook is friendly so I'm sure he would cater to altering some dishes. I also ate at the Cozy Corner Restaurant. I ordered the grilled shrimp kabob and it came out with Teriyaki sauce all over it. I knew I couldn't eat it and so did my husband. He took my dish and gave me his grilled fish with veggies and mashed potatoes. It was good and I didn't get sick, thanks to my husband. For dessert we went to Tutti Frutti for gelato and I had the mango. It was good and so was I. Other meals were on scuba diving excursions, I ate rice and beans, fruit, lara bars and chicken with veggie topping. It was good and I felt fine. Then for the second part of my trip I stayed at the Belize Jungle Dome near Belmopan. They were great with my gluten-free diet. I let them know ahead of time and I had breakfast and dinner there for 4 days and it was all very good and catered to my diet. For breakfast I had fresh fruit, hard boiled eggs, gluten-free toast, and bacon or sausage. Dinners they made sure I had a special plate if the nightly dinner was not normally gluten-free. Meals included; Pork chops, mashed potatoes, grilled veggies, grilled chicken, rice, salads and different ice cream flavors. They also asked questions if they didn't know, I appreciate that because they will know in the future and I feel better they are aware of what they are doing. On the excursions they special ordered my lunch with no seasonings and no bread. It was chicken on lettuce with dressing on the side. I did not use the dressing but it might be okay. Yucca chips, fresh fruit and a snickers. That was perfect for me. The other excursion I ate a greek salad (no croutons) and a taco salad (no tortilla chips) at a local restaurant, they use lots of fresh veggies and fresh ingredients so you could try the soups and/or stews with rice and beans. I went to Tikal in Guatemala for a day and had a vegetarian meal of beans and rice, fresh veggies. I didn't get sick. Also for every meal I took the Gluten-ease pills, I have never tested the pills by eating gluten on purpose but I do think they help cut severity of symptoms. I would also take some food for those situations were your not sure. I packed lara bars, gluten-free crackers, dried fruit and gluten-free bread and bought cheese at a local grocery store. I hope this helps if you are planning to go to Belize, I had a great time.