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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. maybe i'm being a little too cautious, i dunno... I just didnt like what was said on the nivea site about the suppliers, and I've been soooo sick lately, I just want to be careful I'm not so much worried about the lotions I wear, unless it's lipstick, but I dont want to kiss his cheek and wind up getting glutened :S I found something tonight in the health food section at zehrs... It was the only one marked gluten-free, the name escapes me right now, but it smelled wonderful! I hope that he likes it!
  2. my boyfriend just bought this nivia face cream, that I understand is gluten-free but they don't check their raw suppliers. is there any brand that's easy to find that's 100% safe? thanks!
  3. Is All Inclusive Possible?

    oh it's definitely worth it... I'm just stumped on what I have to do. I mean it stinks to have to ask my bf to brush his teeth before kissing me I guess I'm still just bummed out about the whole thing
  4. Is All Inclusive Possible?

    i guess i just dont know enough about it to be honest. I assumed that if it wasnt celiac and just an intolerance that I wouldnt have to worry about things like my boyfriend's chapstick and getting him to brush his teeth after a beer... so i should still do that? I mean like, if it isnt killing the villi in my intestines, and only making me miserable, then temporary discomfort isnt as bad as permenent damage?
  5. you're right... but what do you tell people? people ask if i have celiac, and I dont have a straight answer... when I give the big explination that i'm probably just gluten intolerant people tend to pester me to eat it anyhow, saying one bite wont kill me... maybe i just need to be more assertive! I've done gluten elimination and reintroduced it numerous times and every time it's obvious I cant handle the stuff
  6. so i really just cant trust any test? the thing with me is that I'm very much like what llama3 was saying... without a diagnosis, i start to think its all in my head, and then i eat whatever i want and within a day or two, i'm miserable for about a month. if you cant trust any test, what do you do?
  7. well I got it back today.... negative. My anti-gliadin was 9 i really dont get it, but thats 2 negative tests now. i dont understand why I feel so lousy with gluten if it's not showing up on tests. but maybe it is in fact something else, cause I still have lousy moments on a gluten free diet... not very often though
  8. Is All Inclusive Possible?

    well i guess i dont have to worry after all... my enterolab test results came back negative... maybe i'm just gluten intolerant, who knows. but it sure doesn't explain why I react to the smallest bit of gluten! so confusing
  9. Is All Inclusive Possible?

    great advice! I'd love to just find a place that's near a market and eat fruit all week
  10. Is All Inclusive Possible?

    thanks all! I guess I should at least wait for my enterolab results before getting ahead of myself. I really hope it's negative and only a gluten intolerance. it'll be so much easier to just avoid gluten rather than trying to avoid every little molecule. I just need a vacation!
  11. my bf and I are talking about taking an all inclusive trip soon, but I have to admit I'm pretty scared. I've never had the biopsy, but I'm very sensitive to gluten and really want to avoid it. I went to costa rica this past summer and stuck to eating fruit from the street markets that I prepared myself, and salads when we went for dinner in restaurants. I wound up with a bad reaction to something and cut the trip short. I'm perfectly fine with eating fruits and salad since I've been vegan for 5 years and raw vegan off and on. my main worry is that at an all inclusive place, even if there is a ton of fruit, isn't there a good chance it's contaminated??? I guess I could call ahead, but it's often hard to find someone who speaks English. any tips? I also can't pack food (I think?) we'd be flying out from Canada, and I don't think they allow fruit taken over the border.
  12. thanks! I'll check that site out for sure! thanks so much
  13. I guess just because I usually eat the salsa and feel ok. but I never eat corn chips. I'm just starting to get very discouraged. it feels sometimes like I cant eat anything. sometimes I wonder if it's even wheat or if I just react to everything I'm sorry! just venting!
  14. do these chips contain gluten? I had a small handful tonight without even thinking and a couple hours later I'm in tears, blowing everything out of proportion again. I had some canned beans before that with some salsa, but I don't think it could be that?